Recommended Reading: Restaurants vs. food delivery apps

Helen Rosner, The New Yorker
The fight between restaurants and food delivery apps has been intensified by the pandemic. While high commissions and courier payments are important issues, these services are now an integral part of most restaurants’ business. Regulation or an extensive update to the delivery app model is long overdue.

Louis Barclay, Slate

A browser extension called "Unfollow Everything" was created by a developer. It allowed Facebook users to disable their News Feed, unfollow friends, groups, and pages, while keeping other "positive features". Barclay was ordered to stop creating tools that interact with its services and threatened legal action.

Jeff Horwitz, The Wall Street Journal

Frances Haugen, a former congresswoman, explained to WSJ, why she was willing to testify before Congress this week and why she is actually trying to reform the company.