Premier League: Saudi Arabia-backed Newcastle takeover complained about by other clubs

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After the Premier League cleared Newcastle's 305 million takeover by a Saudi Arabian-backed consortium, top-flight clubs complained to it.

Clubs are understood to be frustrated that the deal failed the directors' and owners' tests.

There were also concerns about why they weren't informed of the shocking news on Wednesday.

There are also concerns about how Saudi Arabian owners might view the league.

Many human rights issues are linked to the Kingdom.

Staveley, Newcastle part-owner, on the way forward

The Premier League has stated that clubs are demanding a meeting with them.

All 19 clubs are angry at the Premier League board. They agree that they should be kept informed on any issue of this significance.

Both clubs feel that they should have been informed about any changes to the agreement before it was finalized.

The Premier League approved the takeover of Newcastle United on Thursday. It stated that it had received legal assurances by the new owners that it would not be controlled by the Saudi state and would face punishment if proven otherwise.

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund financed 80% of the takeover, whose chair was Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Western intelligence agencies claim that he ordered Jamal Khashoggi's murder, which Bin Salman refutes.

After Thursday's takeover by PCP Capital, Newcastle's director Amanda Staveley told Dan Roan, BBC sports editor, that PCP Capital had taken concerns about Saudi Arabia's human right record "very seriously", but that they were not concerned. She reiterated that the partner was "not that Saudi state, it is PIF".

She was asked if she thought this was a case involving Saudi Arabia's'sportswashing.' She replied: "No, it's not at all. This is very much about PIF's investment in a fantastic soccer team and we look forward growing the club."