Biden joked that getting Manchin and Sanders to sit in a room together to discuss the Democrats' spending bill would almost be like a 'homicide,' report says

According to reports, President Joe Biden (center), joked about the growing feud between Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Getty Images
Sens. Sens.

CNN reports that President Biden joked about how getting the senators together in one room would be almost like "homicide."

Sanders stated that Manchin is unlikely to see him face-to-face because "this movie" is not the right one.

During a virtual meeting of House Democrats, President Joe Biden made a joke about getting Sens. CNN reports that Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin would be seated in the same room almost like "homicide."

CNN reported that Biden spoke to Manchin and Sanders about the scope and size of the Democrats' multitrillion-dollar "human infrastructure" package.

CNN reports that Rep. Ro Khanna suggested that senators meet to discuss their disagreements on spending plans.

Manchin and Sanders currently stand trillions apart in terms of their price tags. Manchin would like a $1.5 trillion price tag, but Sanders reportedly stated that he would not rule out a higher figure of $2.2 trillion. Sanders, along with the progressive wing, is pushing for a $3.5 trillion price tag.

Manchin lambasted House Democrats for stalling the bipartisan $1.2 billion infrastructure bill, which was passed in the Senate in August. After Sanders and other progressives had urged House Democrats not to vote for a separate bill on infrastructure, the vote was eventually withdrawn.

Reports indicate that tensions between the senators are increasing as Democratic infighting continues over the spending bill.

Manchin stated Wednesday that Sanders wanted an "entitlement society."

Insider reported on Wednesday that Sanders retaliated by accusing Sen. Krysten Sinema, moderate Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema, and Manchin of "sabotage."

Sanders stated that he was unable to meet with Sinema and Manchin face-to-face in order to resolve their differences over the social spending bill. He said to Capitol Hill reporters, "It's no movie. I don't know if your are a movie director. This is not a movie.

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