'The Expanse' is back! Check out the first teaser for the sixth (and final) season

The New York Comic Con premiered the first teaser trailer for "The Expanse," which was shown on Friday, Oct. 8. It doesn't reveal much, but it shows that we can expect more high-quality scifi than we did in the previous season.
The sixth and final season begins with the solar system at conflict. Marco Inaros (played here by Keon Alexander), and his Free Navy continue to launch devastating asteroids on Earth and Mars. The tensions of war, shared loss and the threat of a split crew of the Rocinante threaten to bring them apart. Chrisjen Avasarala (played in Shohreh Akhadashloo), makes a bold move by sending former Martian Marine Bobbie Drake on a secret mission that could change the course of the conflict. After Marco's betrayal, Drummer (played here by Cara Gee), and her family, are running from the Belt.

A distant planet beyond the Rings is where a new power starts to rise.

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The Expanse season 6 premieres soon. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

As we look at New York City, which is flooded and on fire, Avasarala declares "We are broken." "Trying to pretend we aren't, trying desperately to keep our spirits up. It is important to remember all the lives lost. We must remember the pain we have suffered... Because Inaros' power increases with each new attack."

This will be the final season that Amazon will produce. This season brings you up-to-date with events from book 6 "Babylon's Ashes", by James S. A. Corey. It is the joint pen name of Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham. The ninth book in the series, "Leviathan Falls", is due to be published in November. This seems like a natural break, considering that there's a 28-year time gap between "Babylon’s Ashes" events and book 7 "Persepolis Rising".

It remains to be seen if another studio will pick up the show in order to continue the story with the seventh volume.

There is no "detached nacelles" nonsense here. The Rocinante goes through a refit in Season 5. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Season 6, consisting of six episodes, will premiere on Friday, December 10th on Amazon Prime TV. This is the premiere episode. New episodes will drop every week until January 24, 2022. We will be able to watch sci-fi every week for weeks at the end of December/beginning of ianuarie. This includes "The Book of Boba Fett" (Wednesdays), "Star Trek: Discovery" (Thursdays) and "The Expanse” on Fridays. This is going to be a fantastic holiday season for sci fi fans.

This trailer was part of a pre-recorded virtual panel that took place at New York Comic Con. You can watch it here. Along with Dominique Tipper (who portrays Naomi Nagata), Wes Chatham, who plays Amos Burton, Shohreh Avasarala and Nadine Nicole (who play Clarissa Mao), Cara Gee and both Ty Franck (who are the writers) and Daniel Abraham (the executive producers), the trailer was shown as part of a pre-recorded virtual panel at New York Comic Con.

A stellar line-up gathered to record a virtual panel at this year's New York Comic Con. Image credit: NYCC

The panel includes some humor between cast and crew as well as a visual overview of the first five seasons. As they discuss their seven-year collaboration, it's difficult not to get emotional.

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Shankar was asked if this season felt different because it only had six episodes. He said that it was difficult to have six episodes, but it gives you intensity. Each episode feels as intense and important as it can be."

At this year's New York Comic Con, there will be another panel on "Expanse" on Saturday, October 9th at 2:30 PM EDT (1815 GMT). The panel will take place on the Main Stage 1D Hall at Javits Center.

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