Doral teacher charged with having inappropriate relationship, sex with student, cops say

Police say that a John I. Smith K-8 Centre teacher was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with and sexing with a former student, aged 15. This makes her the third teacher in Miami-Dade County to be charged with similar offenses.
Since March, Doral Police and Miami-Dade School Board officers have been investigating allegations against HeiryCalvi, 41.

On Thursday, she was taken into custody and charged with electronic transmission harming minors; lewd and lascivious batteries; child neglect; offenses committed against students by authorities figures; contributing to the delinquency of school property and possessing a firearm.

An arrest report stated that Calvis was first reported to authorities in March about his relationship with the student. Police say that Calvi and Calvi were filmed having sex by a student after they were shown to others at J.C. Bermudez Senior High School.

Rey Valdes, a Doral spokesperson, stated that a child does not have legal authority to consent, even though they may think it is okay. The adult is responsible.

According to arrest reports, a student searched his phone and found nude photos of Calvi and the student. A WhatsApp message thread in which the two sent each other I love You and other romantic expressions was also discovered. Calvis credit card was used by the student. An audio recording of Calvi telling an unknown person that he didn't know anything about Calvi was also found.

Police say that the couple was also together outside of school at places like Miami Beach.

Calvi was the former student teacher at John I. Smith's K-8 Center, which is on the same campus as J.C. Bermudez high.

Valdes stated that while you can trust your children, parents should be aware of their actions and the people they are spending time with.

Calvi has been with the Miami-Dade school system since 2001. She has also been with John I. Smith since 2005. According to the district, Calvi has never been disciplined in her time with MDCPS.

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Calvis' arrest was confirmed by the school district

The arrest of today's employee for inappropriate behavior is disturbing Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The District was informed of the allegations in March and the employee was immediately transferred to another location. The District will initiate employment termination proceedings against the employee and prevent them from seeking employment in this school system. M-DCPS will continue reviewing its employee trainings in order to make sure that our workforce understands the District's professional expectations and their ethical responsibility to protect children.

The latest in a string of similar incidents in Miami-Dade involves teachers being accused of having inappropriate relationships with students.

Brittiny Lopez Murray, a Brittiny Lopez Murray, a Brittiny Lopez Murray, 31-year old drama teacher at Hialeah Middle School was arrested Monday after police claimed that a 14-yearold boy had admitted to the pair engaging in sex acts for months. The school had named her rookie teacher of year in 2017.

Robert Ortiz was a former teacher at three schools of Miami-Dade. He was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in federal prison after authorities found a 600-photo and 600-video child pornography collection.

Police say Daniel Fernandez, an artist teacher at Doral charter school was sexually assaulting a 14-year old student in 2020. Fernandez was taken into custody

A federal jury ordered Miami-Dade School Board $6 million payment to Jason Edward Meyers' former student. Meyers was accused of sexually abusing and harassing a number of female students at Palmetto High.


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