Andorra v England: Gareth Southgate says abuse over vaccinations 'makes you think twice about speaking out'

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England prepares to face Andorra Saturday night

Gareth Southgate, England manager, says he was subject to online abuse after encouraging people with coronavirus vaccines that "makes it difficult to speak out".

Southgate was targeted following the presentation of a NHS video after Euro 2020.

He said that he understood why some players might not want to talk about the vaccine.

He said, "I recognize that others might feel less secure and have some anxiety."

"That's why it is a bit more complex and I suppose that would explain why they might feel less confident in speaking up.

"If you receive messages from the program saying 'You could be in front of a Nuremberg trial in 10 years', and that people are very vicious with comments, you might want to reconsider speaking out.

"Because what happens if you're on the wrong side?" Right now, I can't be certain that I'm on the right side. I feel confident that I have had the vaccine.

"I feel confident that it was the right thing to make a video for NHS. However, I am aware that other people might not be as keen to place themselves in this situation.

"Conspiracy theories" could be used to stop young people from getting jabbed.

Southgate said that he doesn't know how many members of the current England squad have had both doses.

Only half of the players in Premier League and English Football League clubs were vaccinated. Callum Robinson, Republic of Ireland forward, stated earlier this week that he hadn't been vaccinated even though he had received Covid-19 twice.

Most England players declined to discuss their vaccination status this week when they spoke to the media.

Premier League managers Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have called upon their players to immunize themselves, as has Nuno Espirito Sante, Steve Bruce, Graham Potter, and Nuno Espirito Santato.

Southgate stated that younger people in the UK are more open to conspiracy theories because they are older.

"They are more likely to be exposed to these views by reading social media," says one.

"I can see that there is some confusion."

England will play Andorra on Saturday, before hosting Hungary on Tuesday. Two consecutive wins could secure the Euro 2020 finalists who were defeated in Euro 2020's World Cup qualifier. The tournament will take place from 21 November to 18 Dec.

"I will always talk to the players about any aspect of their lives. Southgate said, "But we are here first and foremost to win football matches."

"Everybody knows my position on this subject. A vaccination program was the only way to get out of a pandemic. I believe that it was vital.