Burger King will sell Impossible Nuggets at select locations next week

Impossibles chicken nuggets made from plant-based chicken began appearing in select restaurants and grocery shops across the US at the beginning of September. They were limited in availability so not everyone could try them. Although it is not a nationwide expansion, Burger King will soon be selling the nuggets.
The fast-food chain will offer eight pieces of Impossible Nuggets starting Monday, October 11. They will be available for a short time and you can choose from a variety of dipping sauces. The nuggets are mainly made from sunflower oil and soy protein.

Impossible claims that its nuggets contain 40 percent less saturated fat than animal-based chicken nuggets and 25 percent less sodium. BK's nuggets won't be vegan because they will be fried with the same oil that restaurants use to cook their meats and cheese products.