Atari's VCS Is Getting Google's Full Suite Of Apps

Ataris VCS (or Videogame Computer System) is described as a dual-purpose device that allows users to play retro and modern games, stream movies and browse the internet on Google Chrome. A new update to the console will make it a fully functional PC that both owners can use for play and work. An update to the console adds Google's full suite of apps, making it a modern-day Gmail/Google Docs machine.
The Atari VCS is complemented by this feature, making it appear like a decent computer for work. It can be used as a PC. Users have the option of installing Windows, Ubuntu or Chrome OS. They also have the ability to modify the system memory, which includes expandable M.2 SSD storage. The console is compatible with both keyboard and mouse.

Not to be forgotten, the Atari VCS ships with Google Chrome installed. This means that any user could access their Google Drive or Gmail already. Google Workplaces and Ataris two in one means that the same suite productivity applications can be accessed via one app.

Atari claims that the console can be used from anywhere with the addition of Google's Workplace apps. A press release about the announcement stated: Atari's compact chassis makes it an ideal choice for a powerful set top mini PC and gaming device for the living room, bedroom, office, or any other space in the house.

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