This iPhone 13 case adds what the phone was always missing — a candy launcher

Apple's Ceramic Shield, a special glass mixture that was introduced with the iPhone 12, and the quality of the metal sandwich and glass sandwich that makes up the iPhone 12, are not enough to justify expensive phones needing cases. You may have ordered one with your iPhone 13; however, if not, I would suggest an innovative and undoubtedly useful option: a gigantic case that launches hard candy into your mouth (via Gizmodo).
Matty Benedetto, YouTube inventor and creator of the DIY case is responsible. He calls it the Candy Catapult. The 3D-printed case is made from flexible TPU filament and comes with a hard candy container to hold your choice of candy, such as M&Ms or Skittles. Benedetto also added a spring-loaded plunger to help the candy pop out of its case. Although it is difficult to determine how strong it launches its sugary missiles into the air, it seems strong enough to clear a piece of candy across the room.

Benedettos video was my first reaction. It wasn't relief at having a way to get rid of my large bag of lozenges, which is no help there. But it was excitement about the possibilities.

I'm just curious how fast this weapon can become a weapon with metal bearings inside. If you swap chocolate for something more dangerous, is it enough to launch it hard enough to smash a window? It is best to leave some things unexplored.