Chrome's RSS follow button is now available to all Android users

Google hasn’t abandoned RSS completely. Google began testing an Android Follow button earlier this year. This allows users to receive updates from websites via the new tab page. The feature is now available in the stable version of the browser, so that all Android users can test it.
Chrome 94 and a pre-stable Chrome version might have the Follow button already in the menu. You can also manually turn on the feature, according to Adrienne Porter Felt, Chrome director of engineering. Chrome://flags will search for web feed and you can enable it. Although the Follow button is currently only available for Android, Felt said it will be coming to iOS in the next year.

Although the feature will not be as useful as dedicated RSS readers it will still have some utility. Although it won't make up for Google Reader's terrible decision to end it years ago, it could still be a useful way to keep track of the latest updates from your favorite websites.