PC Building Simulator is free on the Epic Games Store

PC Building Simulator can be either ridiculously absurd or extremely satisfying, depending on who you ask. Download this niche simulator free of charge from Epic Games Store before Oct 17th.
PCBS is a sim game that speaks to a specific type of fantasy, as do most sim games. This game is perfect for you if you like to overclock your computer and manage a small business. My favorite feature is the ability to make your work computer look just like it does in real life. You can even have the game adjust the wallpaper and RGB lighting to match your computer.

The game can be a valuable educational tool, depending on how experienced you are in building computers. When I began building my own PCs, I found that I was able to draw on the knowledge from this game even though I had never built one before.

PC Building Simulator has seen its fair share DLC. Most of it was in the form entirely cosmetic workshop environments. It did receive an esports expansion, which is narrative-oriented and plays more like an interactive puzzle game than a business simulation. You should also note that the game receives regular updates, which add to its already large roster of cases, CPUs and GPUs.

PC Building Simulator puts the most enjoyable aspects of this hobby front-and-center, while cleverly avoiding the frustrations. The only thing this game doesn't simulate are misplacing the last thumbscrew or applying thermal paste to everything.