To hell with ESPN for trashing Geno Smith as his teammates praise ‘phenomenal’ performance

Some people just watch the NFL games. Others only read about them. If you fall into the latter group and have visited ESPNs website, or read its article on Twitter then your opening frame and video would look like this:


Geno makes a crucial interception and reads the capti on. It was also Geno Smith who threw a bad pass, we are told. The Rams players are celebrating Geno's antics in the opening photo. You can also see their interception replayed three more times if you click on their opening page.

If sound was available, it would be the announcers stating that Genos was not responsible for the interception. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett fell and got tripped over. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck would repeat this point several times, while extolling Geno's control and poise throughout the night following Russell Wilsons finger injury.

The opening video doesn't show Smith leading a meticulous 10-play 98-yard drive that ended with a DK Metcalf touchdown pass of 23 yards. His second impressive drive, which resulted in an assist on the field goal. You won't hear the crowd in Seattle chanting Gee-no, Gee-no, Gee-no on both drives.

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Yahoo Sports title framing Rams overcome slow start, Geno Smith led comeback to beat Seahawks was closer to reality. ProFootballTalk reported that Geno Smith was ready for his chance and Seahawks.coms described it Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith does an incredible job in relief of Russell Wilson.

For someone who didn't see the game, ESPN's portrayal of Geno versus his actual performance could not be more stark. Could it be the Seahawks lost, and ESPN really is tough on losers of this bottom-line NFL. Not quite.


This is how ESPN depicted Mac Jones on Sunday night's loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs.


Even though they lost, Macs appreciate Brady's effort to hold his own against him (note: Brady does not play defense). This is the job of the Bucs secondary, which is largely backups and has been injured. ESPN chose to leave out Macs interception from their data that night in Macs post. It almost seems that ESPN isn't objective.

If the Patriots had won, Mac would have become the first rookie to defeat Tom Brady head-tohead since Geno Smith in 2013. Sports Illustrated had picked the Jets to finish 3-13 back then. Rookie Geno led an inept Jet team to an 8-8 record. He also posted five game-winning drives that tied Brady for the NFL lead.


Although no one expects any ESPN Geno Smith Appreciation posts for his performance, it is reasonable to assume that the hate will stop for at least a day.

You can find the love by listening to the Seahawks crowd chants of approval and doing what John Boyle, writer, did: talking to Genos teammates, coach, and coach.


Lockett said that Geno did an amazing job. What was it? He drove us down to the 3-yard line. He did an amazing job. He was patient and read through all of his keys, which was a huge feat. He was truly amazing... We all know that he can play like this.

It was fantastic, commented teammate Quandre diggs. Geno didn't do anything that impressed me because I know his work ethic and how he tries hard to kill us in practice. He was ready to take advantage of his opportunity and he did.


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stated that he did a great job and that he looked great. He's worked hard for this. He is a skilled football player and knows the system. Genos will play for us as Russ returns, and he proved that we were in good hands.

Lockett added that we all knew what Geno could accomplish. He did an amazing job, and I was proud of him.


Geno Smith's career is a great example of this. Many who have followed his progress closely for years have said the same thing. (Steven Ruiz filmed every Geno pass and believes Geno Smith is much better than you think. NFL Breakdowns also shows more improvement since 2015.

Here are my 3,300 words about Geno's incredible untapped potential. Contrary to popular belief, Geno performed admirably in the Giants' lone game despite being subject to a media machine that was so toxic, even Genos father, receiving death threats.


Lockett's high praise is not a new thing. This was written by Filip Bondy, Daily News Filip.

No matter where you were, this poised performance was evident. Smith was clearly the Jets' quarterback of the future. After his win against the Patriots (27-27 overtime victory), there is no doubt that Smith is the man. Smith is the man.


Local journalists who had closely followed Genos games received the most media praise after Season 1. The national NFL media and GMs were not impressed. ESPN conducted an anonymous survey of 26 NFL League Insiders (mainly GMs/coaches) to rank all 32 starting quarterbacks.

Where is Geno? He is No. 32. Dead last. ESPN quoted a coordinator as saying that he was like Akili Smith or JaMarcus Russell, two famous Black QB busts. He said that Geno Smith's performance last year was similar.


But he didn't. He wasn't even close. He was not even in the same galaxy with Akili (career record 3-14 & 46.6 percent completion rate). Geno has only one thing in common with Akili: his last name, and his black skin. This racist garbage was promoted by ESPN.

What would you expect from Geno's 1-7 start in his second season, with an awful roster? These eight games would be the most important in Geno's Jets career. They will not be his rookie season or his 105.3 passer rating in his last four Jets games.


The Jets are not the only ones who are racist. They also ruin young white QBs. They also see the racism in other NFL GMs, media and players. Although Sam Darnold is at 0-9 in his third season, they still see promise in him. Geno, however can't see any future like Akili Smiths. Geno has a most similar early career to Drew Brees Genos.

How deep can racism go to deny exploring a simple question: What if GenoSmith threw to genuine starting wide receivers rather than the worst collective cadre (see Stephen Hill and David Nelson, Jeremy Kerley). Geno receivers that can create separation, like Tyler Lockett or DK Metcalf might be a good idea.


Geno has not lost his job on and off the field, as can be seen from a closer inspection. The media-demanded Eli Manning Farewell Tour ended his 2017 Giants season; he suffered an ACL tear in 2016, which ended his Jets career; and he was punched in the locker room, which ended 2015 with a broken jaw. NFL locker room fights, including those with Super Bowl champion quarterbacks, are quite common.

ESPN published a retrospective piece last year on Smith's locker room fight five-years later. IK Enemkpali who punched Smith declined interview requests but asked ESPN via a Facebook message: What's the point in bringing it back? What's your motivation?


It's a great question.

Geno is now thirty years old, the same age as Steve Young. He almost lost his career after going 3-16 with a Tampa Bay Bucs team that was terrible. Steve was older and needed some support.


After yesterday's remarkable, almost-storybook comeback, Geno Smith is due one.

After last night's game, Geno said that it can be very difficult. Sometimes, I find myself in tears before games. Being prepared is something I take pride in.


It is also heart-wrenching for such a great performance and a great human story to be ruined by a network as ESPN, which uses its platform to deceive their audience to show Geno Smith instead reading the room full if thousands cheering his name.

ESPN, what's your motivation?


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