Leigh Griffiths: Dundee striker's Scottish FA flare kick hearing delayed

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Leigh Griffiths was the one who started Dundee's loss to Rangers just days after the incident, but has been absent with an ankle injury.

Leigh Griffiths, a Dundee striker, was referred to the Scottish FA for allegedly lighting a flare in a crowd of supporters. The hearing was rescheduled until the end of the police investigation.

Griffiths was charged with excessive misconduct by the governing body. He had already been indicted by Police Scotland for "culpable, reckless" conduct.

On-loan Celtic striker faces additional charges for bringing disrepute to the game and acting against the best interests.

The original hearing date for Thursday 14 October was postponed to ensure that the criminal case is resolved.

Griffiths described the incident as "regrettable" and stated that he intended to remove the pitch from it. I am sorry for the distress caused by this act.

The former forward for Scotland returned to Dundee late last month on loan from Celtic, after originally playing for the Tayside club in 2009 and 2011.