Apple Products Now Include 7-Day Complimentary AppleCare+ in Australia

Apple has begun offering 7-day complimentary AppleCare+ coverage to all new products purchased in its Australian stores. This includes any new Mac, iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Purchase of any eligible new Apple product automatically includes the complimentary coverage.

Jack Jacobs, a MacRumors reader, brought this addition to our attention today. However, based on the most recent updates to AppleCare+ terms in Australia, it seems that the change was made last week, September 30.

According to the terms and conditions, the complimentary AppleCare+ period offers the same coverage as a paid AppleCare+ policy, with coverage for up two instances of accidental damage. Customers can purchase AppleCare+ on a monthly or one-time basis after the complimentary coverage ends.

Although it is not clear why Apple made this change, it could be related to the strong warranty protections provided by Australian Consumer Law. We were unable to find the complimentary AppleCare+ coverage in the United States, or any other country.