Waffle House Worker Recorded with Baby in Kitchen Has Tragic Backstory

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A Waffle House worker has been mocked for a viral video she took holding a baby while working in the kitchen.

TMZ spoke to Tiffany Clark, a TikTok employee and mother of four. She told us that she was working at a South Carolina Waffle House overnight when she received a call from her grandmother regarding a family crisis.

Tiffany claims the baby is her niece Octavia, a 4-month-old girl who was recently buried. She tells us that her grandma requested she take the baby right away, as the mother of the child was in the hospital for mental illness.

Tiffany stated that the only alternative was for the baby's custody to be transferred to child services. Tiffany decided to take the baby to work and said the video isn't nearly as bad as it seems.

Tiffany says that she never cooked food with baby Octavia in tow. She was simply marking plates for the servers. She also claims she was not present at the counter with the child during the short video.

Tiffany said that her boss called Tiffany after the viral video was posted. Tiffany was then told by her boss that she had been suspended for one week. We are told that she has not heard from Waffle House since Monday but that she expects to continue her job after her suspension is over.

We reached out Waffle House and were told that it doesn't disclose personal information.


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