Google adds a guitar tuner to Search

It is now easier than ever for you to tune your guitar using your smartphone. You just need to find a good tuning app or ask Google Assistant for help to tune your guitar. Google now makes it even easier by offering a chromatic tuneer directly within Search. Android Police has been informed by the tech giant that it just launched the new Search feature. It can be accessed from any device.
You can summon the tuner by simply entering a query into Search on desktop or mobile. To see the tuner, just type "google tuner" into your search box. To hear your instrument you will need to use a functional microphone on the device. You'll also need to grant the feature permission.

This is how the tuner appears on desktop.


According to Android Police it all depends on your device's microphone. Some devices may require you to play loudly, or very, very close to them. Smartphones might be better than computers in this regard. Once it is working, the tuner will tell you if your instrument is in tune. It also has a visual indicator that lets you adjust the tuning. The built-in Google tuneer is one of many music-related features that the tech giant offers, along with "Hum to Search," which helps you find songs stuck in your head.