AMD vows to fix Ryzen processor slowdowns on Windows 11

The chipmaker warned that installing Windows 11 could make your AMD-powered computer's apps slower. AMD published documentation about a few Windows 11 bugs that can affect Ryzen processors. One of these bugs can slow down Ryzen processors by as much as 15%. This bug can triple the latency of L3 cache, which can impact apps that require quick access to memory.
The majority of affected applications may experience a slowdown of three to five percent. You might feel the bug's effects more if you play "commonly used to eSports." This could mean that your games will slow down by 10 to 15%. Ars Technica explains that the second bug is related to the "preferred Core" feature, which allows a system use the fastest CPU cores within a processor.

AMD did not specify a percentage of the second bug. However, the company stated that it is more evident in chips with more cores and 65W Thermal Design Power (TDP), or higher. This includes many high-end desktop chips from the past few years. However, it suggests that popular lines such as the 3600X or 5600X will be less affected than the AMD-powered laptops.

AMD stated that it is investigating Microsoft's issues and is working to fix them. The first patch will be available as Windows Update, while the fix for the second bug will be available as a software upgrade sometime in the month. It could be that you will need to visit AMD's website to get the update or install the drivers manually.