Cristiano Ronaldo rape case must be dismissed

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Ronaldo, 12 years after his move to Real Madrid in 80m record time, returned to Manchester United this summer

A judge recommended that the civil case for rape against Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United forward, in the United States be thrown out.

According to reports, the 36-year old assaulted a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

Prosecutors decided not to file a criminal case against Ronaldo for 2019, claiming that the claims could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The case was settled in civil court. The woman then sought damages. Ronaldo has never admitted any wrongdoing.

Daniel Albregts (magistrate judge) has reviewed the case and ruled that evidence based upon leaked communications between Ronaldo's legal team and Ronaldo should not have been used in this case.

Albregts wrote, "Dismissing [the] matter for the inappropriate conduct by her attorney is a harsh outcome."

However, "if the court doesn't grant case-terminating sanction, [her lawyer]'s actions could have dangerous and far-reaching consequences for the legitimacy of the judiciary process."

Peter Christiansen, Ronaldo's lawyer, welcomed the recommendation.

He said, "We are happy with the court’s thorough review of this matter. It is willing to justly apply law to the facts and recommend dismissal for the civil case against Mr Ronaldo."

The lawyers representing the woman in question, who claimed she wasn't "legally competent" when she agreed to a non-disclosure agreement with Ronaldo regarding the claims in 2010, didn't respond to a request.