Google Search adds guitar tuner to its smorgasbord of built-in features

Android Police reports that Google Search now includes a handy built in tuner. This allows you to use your microphone on either your phone or computer, and tune a guitar. Google Tuner was added to Google Search this week. Google will recognize the note you are aiming for and give you the option to adjust the tuning or turn off the sound.
Google's guitar tuner is like other apps that can tune your guitar. Its effectiveness depends on what hardware you use. My iPhone 12 Pro (via Safari), or Windows desktop with Blue Snowball USB microphone, (via Edge), had no problem hearing me and helped me tune an unamplified guitar. However, the more affordable Android device I'm currently using (with Chrome), couldn't pick it up at any point. You may experience some mileage.

Google Searches is not going to endanger the market for guitar tuner apps like Boss or Korg. It is too dependent on the quality and functionality of your microphone. There are no options to plug in an electric instrument to reduce background noise. Google Search is available if you have a need to tune up quickly.