The Nobel Peace Prize 2021 winners have been announced

Maria Ressa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, while Dmitry Muratov received it.
They have been awarded the prize for their efforts in "safeguarding freedom of expression" in Russia and the Philippines, respectively.

Berit Reiss Anderson, chair of Nobel Prize committee, stated that "at the same time they are representatives for all journalists who stand up to this idea in a universe in which democracy freedom and freedom face increasingly adverse circumstances."

Out of 329 applicants, the two winners were chosen.

Ressa, a Filipino-American journalist, is best known for creating Rappler online news site. In 2020, she was convicted for cyberlibel. This decision angered journalists and human rights activists around the world. Ressa is an acknowledged critic of Rodrigo Duterte (the president of the Philippines), particularly for his anti-drug campaign across the country.

Muratov, a Russian journalist and editor in chief of Novaya Gazeta, is Muratov. It is known for its vital and investigative works on Russian political and social affairs, including corruption, police abuse, war and propaganda. Since 2000, seven journalists from the newspaper were murdered in connection to their work for Gazeta.

Both recipients are symbols for freedom of expression and information, upholding these values in areas where they are most threatened.

The prize went to the United Nations World Food Programme last year as the largest humanitarian organisation addressing world hunger.