Randy Arozarena's history-making homer, straight steal of home provide Rays with more MLB playoffs heroics

Randy Arozarena continues his solo home run with a steal of home plate in the Rays' Game 1 win 5-0 against the Red Sox. (1:23).
Randy Arozarena never seems to run out of October magic. Arozarena, the leading candidate to American League Rookie-of-the Year, made history Thursday when he became the first player in playoff history in Tampa Bay's 5-0 win over Boston Red in Game 1 in St. Petersburg.

This was the first home steal in a playoff match since 2016, when Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs' infielder, pulled off the feat in 2016. It also marks the first consecutive steal of home since Jackie Robinson's 1955 win against Yogi Bana and the New York Yankees.

"I noticed that the pitcher wasn't paying attention to me," Arozarena said. Arozarena explained through an interpreter that he was able take a large enough lead to steal the base. "That was the first time I have ever stolen my home."

After drawing a walk, the 26-year old outfielder stole home against Josh Taylor, a Boston reliever, to make it 5-0 in the seventh.

Arozarena stated that he was able "to take a large enough lead and take the base" after his seventh-inning straight steal. "That was the first time I have ever stolen home." Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Kevin Cash, Rays manager, said that Arozarena had been questioning him about stealing home for several weeks. Arozarena insisted that Rays outfielder Manuel Margot be removed from the team after attempting to steal Clayton Kershaw's home during the 2020 World Series.

Cash stated, "He asked me all season, 'Verde. verde. verde' -- green light." "We finally gave him it."

Arozarena won the throw to Christian Vazquez by a headfirst slide.

Arozarena is also second in the postseason for most home runs over a 20-game span. He is tied with Jim Thome and Carlos Beltran with 11, and trails only Babe Ruth with 12. Arozarena's 11 postseason homers in a career span are five more than any other rookie MLB history. Evan Longoria is second with six.

Arozarena answered a question about his playoff success by saying that the stakes made him want to live the moment.

"I just try to focus a bit more," Arozarena stated. "Fortunately it's happening October when it means that it's closer the World Series."