Lil Nas X Says He Wants to Clone Himself and Have Sex With the Copy

Image by Getty/ Futurism Genetics
Montero Lamar Hills, better known as Old Town Road musician Lil Nas X loves to see himself in the mirror.

According to a tweet, the successful musician would love to travel all the way with him.

Lil Nas X tweeted, "I'm so sick of it." I'm sick of pretending that I don't want to clone my body and then fall in love with my hot, sexy body.

This is almost certainly a tongue-in-cheek quip. It's not meant to be taken at face-value. Hills' Twitter account is a constant stream of bizarre internet humor.



It does raise the interesting question of whether it is possible to clone yourself, and then have sex in duplicate. It would be ethical.

Cloning human embryos is an extremely controversial area of research. It is illegal to carry embryonic stem cells beyond a certain age in many parts of the globe.

This is without even considering the possibility of cloning a human being, such as Dolly the sheep.

No human being has been cloned to our knowledge. Scientists are getting closer to being able, if they want. Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience, Shanghai, managed to clone macaques in January 2018. This was a first in human history.



It could be a step toward human cloning. But why would you? Peter Andrews, a professor at the University of Sheffield's department of biomedical sciences, told New Scientist.

He said that it is against human biology to clone someone in Britain or other countries. And he also stated that he doesn't think anyone would rationally choose to do this.

Lil Nas X may disagree.

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