Google and YouTube will cut off ad money for climate change deniers

Google won't allow publishers, advertisers, or YouTube creators to monetize climate-denying content. On Thursday, the company provided details in a support document.
The Google Ads team announced today a new policy regarding monetization for Google publishers, advertisers, and YouTube creators. It will prohibit the monetization and advertising for content that is contrary to scientific consensus about the existence and causes climate change. These include claims that climate change is a fraud or hoax, claims that the long-term trend shows that global climate is warming, as well as claims that either human activity or greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to it.

Google claims it will enforce its policy using a combination of automated tools and human review. Google stated that it will evaluate content in relation to the new policy. This will allow us to distinguish between false claims as facts and content that reports or discusses those claims. According to Google, ads will be permitted on climate topics such as public debates about climate policy, research and other matters.

Google's latest misinformation policy change is the increased action against climate deniers. It comes about a week after YouTube banned misinformation regarding vaccines. The new features, which are designed to reduce carbon footprints, were announced by Google.