San Antonio Spurs channel 'Squid Game' for preseason game promotion

"Squid Game” is everywhere.
The South Korean drama premiered on September 16th and has been a huge success.

Ted Sarandos (a Netflix co-chief executive) stated that "there's a very high chance it will be the biggest show ever." He spoke at a conference less than two weeks after the series was released. "Bridgerton" was streamed in 82 million homes within its first month, and "Squid Game," could surpass that number.

The San Antonio Spurs and other franchises are aware.

"You like games? "We have one tonight," said the Spurs' Instagram account before their preseason matchup with the Detroit Pistons.

This feed features some very special photo work. This reference is based upon the Honeycomb Candy 2nd game. Each player gets a tin with a honeycomb inscribed with one of the following shapes: a circle or triangle, star, star, or umbrella. They choose the shape at random before the game starts. You have a terrifying 10 minutes to create the shape using a needle or another tool.

Lee Jung-Jae plays the role of Seong Gi-Hun (Player 456). In the series, his jacket and shirt are printed with the number. The Spurs' social media team went one step further and changed Seong Gihun's number from 210 to San Antonio's area codes.

Unquestionable, the popularity of the drama's nine episodes is undeniable. Social media users can't stop talking and sharing about "Squid Game." TikTok has seen "#SquidGame", more than 23,000,000 times.