Netflix Shows Real Phone Number on Screen, Leading to “Prank-Call Apocalypse”

What happened to the "555" classic?
Prank Yalls

Squid Game, a hit Netflix series, made a serious error. The creators of the hit Netflix show Squid Game either forgot to include a fake number or chose not to.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the result has been a prank call apocalypse in which real-life Koreans who have the same number or one that is different by a few digits are being bombarded daily with hundreds or even thousands of calls. The Korean Film Council creates fake numbers to be used in movies. TV shows like Squid Game have to decide for themselves. Now, the creators of the shows are trying to find the correct numbers.

One Ring

Unfortunately, many of the victims have to deal with the constant stream of calls. One victim is a small-business owner whose number matches the one on the screen. Although he claims he gets thousands of calls each day and cannot fall asleep on his own, he says that he cannot change his number without affecting his business.

According to the WSJ, the man said that he has not even seen Squid Game. It's so stressful, but I have no other options.



Another example is a recent college graduate, whose number only differs by two digits. According to the WSJ, she answers every one of the 100 calls that she receives each day.

She said it to the WSJ: "What if it's a job offer?"

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