Brian Laundrie's Dad Joins Search for Him with Law Enforcement

Brian Laundrie's father is joining the team as a new member of the Brian Laundrie manhunt.
Christopher Laundrie was present at the Florida search and was welcomed by officers. Christopher Laundrie and the police were met by park rangers who waited for them as they opened the gate.

How did this happen? According to law enforcement, Christopher was asked to assist officers in searching a Florida preserve. His attorney said that because the preserve was closed to the public, Christopher had not been able "to look for Brian in the only location Brian's parents think he might be."

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Dog the Bounty Hunter, his team and he believe Laundrie is hiding in Florida Everglades. It is worth noting that, while Dog believes Laundrie may have escaped in the last few days, he insists Laundrie was there.

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Cassie Laundrie, Laundrie's sister went on 'GMA.' She recalled the last time she saw her bro, which was during a camping trip following his return to Florida without Gabby Petito.