Best Android puzzle games 2021

The unique advantage for puzzle game developers is the smartphone touchscreen controls. Because they are easy to use, our pocket devices make it ideal for puzzle game developers. These are some great games to challenge your brain. Check out our top Android games after you're done!
Bomb Club

Are you a fan of great writing, vibrant characters, challenging puzzles, and explosives? Bomb Club is the perfect game for you. Bomb Club features a cast of safety-minded bomb lovers. You will need to navigate a vast map of puzzle levels that revolve around setting off bombs. VPN Deals: A lifetime license is $16, with monthly plans starting at $1. You can also set off optional fireworks. Although it may seem simple, the game is complex due to the variety of bombs used. If you want to win the level, laser bombs, mega bombs, and baby bombs will all need to be used with strategic precision. As you try to solve the mystery at its heart, Bomb Club's funny dialogue and quirky characters will keep you entertained. Bomb Club is completely free. There are no ads and there are no in-app purchases for optional post-game DLC. Bomb Club is a winner! Get it now!

Bomb Club A puzzle game that revolves around the excitement of explosions. This title is 100% free and a great addition for any puzzle master's library. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs

Keep it up!

Brain It On! Brain It On! is a physics-based puzzle game that challenges you to think outside of the box in order to solve each level. You can use your finger or a stylus to draw lines, shapes and weighted objects. It sounds simple, right? As you go through more than 200 levels, things get more difficult and creative. Stars are awarded for completing each level on time, minimizing the number required to solve the shapes, and keeping the time limit within the given time. Stars can unlock future levels in the free version. You have the option to pay for ads or add hints and remove them.

Brain It On! Brain It On! is another addictive game on our list. This physics-based puzzler is a great choice. It's easy to replay and offers a lot of challenge. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Bridge Construction Portal

Bridge Constructor is an excellent physics-based puzzle-game in its own right. This spin-off takes that concept and adds all the bizarre elements from Portal Laboratories and Aperture Laboratories. You can complete 60 test chambers using portals. Also, you have to use propulsion and repel gels. Avoid deadly lasers and acid pits. This cross-over title is a great one and will please Portal and Bridge Constructor fans. It is a joy to play, with tons of Portal references. There are even achievements from Google Play Games to help in replayability.

Portal Bridge Constructor Portal Bridge Builder meets Portal in this great cross-over. Use your technology to solve the 60 levels. Google Play Store $5

Chess Light

Chess Light is a puzzle-based game that draws obvious inspiration from Chess, rather than a chess game. Although it may have been in our top chess games list, it definitely belongs here. There are over 180 puzzles available and six difficulty levels. If you get stuck, there's a hint system. But where's the fun? Chess Light has no ads and is completely free. So get cracking! Although it can be difficult, I encourage you not to give up.

Chess Light Chess Light is less chess-like than a puzzle inspired by chess but it's still a challenging and fun game. To beat the level, light up all squares! Google Play Store: Free with IAPs

The Eyes of Ara

Have you ever played Riven or Myst before? The Eyes of Ara is a similar open-ended adventure. You solve puzzles, find clues and discover pieces of the story piece by piece. Although it's somewhat confusing, it's still enjoyable and nostalgic. Riven was difficult for me to beat as a younger man, so games like this are very special to me. It's a great mobile game because of the 3D environment. This premium title doesn't have any ads or IAPs so you can relax and enjoy the intense puzzler gameplay. I found it took me some time to get the game right, so you are getting a lot of value for your money.

The Eyes of Ara is a game for fans of Riven and Myst. This 3D adventure allows you to solve puzzles, discover hidden rooms, vaults, and unravel a story slowly. Google Play Store $5


MC Esher would be proud of hocus. This mind-bending puzzle game is perspective-based and can be played in a variety of ways. You can also create and play your own puzzles. The goal of hocus is to move the cube as quickly and efficiently as possible to the red marker. There are more than 100 official puzzles. You must swipe to move the cube around the shape. You can change the direction of a path by hitting an intersection between two paths. This is a beautiful, minimalistic route that you can easily spend hours on.

Hocus. Hocus is a minimalist perspective-based puzzler that forces you to think outside of the box. Sometimes things aren't always as they seem. Google Play offers free IAPs

The House of Da Vinci

The House of a Da Vinci 3D Puzzler requires you to solve puzzles (duh), escape certain rooms, find hidden objects and explore the room. This game requires you to be aware of your surroundings and keep your wits about your. As I navigated through the game, the touch controls were intuitive and didn't give me any problems. The setting and aesthetic are unique and interesting. There are many mechanical puzzles and other cool elements. The story is compelling enough to keep you interested and enthralled.

The House of Da Vinci is a unique 3D puzzle game that requires your full attention. It's a puzzle/mystery game. Google Play Store $5

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too are two of most addictive, soothing puzzle games currently on the market. I Love Hue is a minimalistic and psychadelic exercise of logic and color. Drag and drop colored tiles on a grid until you have a perfect spectrum. Variation comes in the form that different tiles are fixed in place at each level and the sheer variety of colors bleeding into each other. I Love Hue Too 2, a sequel to the original, still focuses on color perception and tile rearrangement. However, it adds a wild geometric pattern, adding an extra level of challenge. Six new synth tracks are added to the atmosphere, which will be loved by fans of the original. Each title has over 900 levels, so there are 1,800 mosaics to choose from between them. These games come with no ads and are a great deal in the puzzle world.

I Love Hue Finally, there's a puzzle game that's not frustrating. This soothing visual puzzler helps you make sense of the chaos and create order from it. Google Play Store - Free with Ads

I Love Hue Too A sequel to the original game, I Love Hue Too offers dedicated gamers more mosaics to create a satisfying order. Google Play Store: Free with ads

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, is back with this new challenge entry. It adds new twists to the turn-based puzzles introduced by Hitman GO. Lara Croft is athletic, adventurous and has her own GO game. You will be navigating boobytraps as well as deadly enemies while you navigate through 115 levels divided into seven chapters. This award-winning game is captivating with its stunning visuals and keeps players playing with the increasingly difficult puzzles. You will be captivated by the unlockables and the turn-based, harrowing action. There are many ways to complete a level, just like Hitman GO.

Square Enix's GO Mobile Franchise, Lara Croft GO, is another excellent entry. Lara Croft GO is a puzzler in which you play the eponymous hero as she explores ancient ruins. $6 on Google Play Store


It was released a few years after Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. It's easy for us to see how it influenced Mekorama. Mekorama's Treasure Tracker is a delightful and challenging game. Mekorama is a 3D puzzle-game featuring an adorable robot that navigates through blocksy dioramas. The robot, which has only one huge eye and no voice, is one of the most memorable parts of the game. Its ability to communicate emotion and its adorable, stretchy, floppy legs make it stand out. The game is easy to play. Tap around the screen to move your robot pal. Swipe to the sides to rotate levels 360° for a better view. Drag blocks/parts from levels marked with circles icons to rearrange levels or create new paths. The goal of the game is to get the robot to the finish line at each level. It sounds simple, right? Although it sounds simple in theory, you might find yourself scratching your heads more than once. There are 50 levels you can complete, plus some extras that will make it more challenging for those who want to really challenge themselves. You don't have to be afraid to play this game. After you finish one level, you will unlock five more. Mekorama, a charming 3D puzzle game with no ads or in-app purchases is free!

Mekorama A sweet, charming, and challenging robot friend that guides you from point A to B with 50 levels of diorama puzzles. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Mini Metro

Mini Metro, an award-winning subway simulator, is rich in puzzle elements. As your city grows, you will be responsible for creating subway lines connecting the stations. It is important that passengers get to their destinations on time. This often means that lines may need to be redrawn to improve efficiency. Mini Metro has a minimalist aesthetic and a responsive soundtrack. There are many game modes that you can enjoy. Mini Metro is the most fun game you can play while actually riding the metro.

Mini Metro Mini Metro is great. This addictive game will have you drawing subway lines. Enjoy minimalism. Google Play Store: $1

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an award-winning puzzle title that showcases outstanding art and sound design. You are Ida, a princess, and you have to guide her through amazing structures. Tap to move the princess and discover the many ways you can change the structures around her. This intuitive experience forces you to see things in a new way. Monument Valley 2 is a sequel that does much the same thing, but it's a very good version. The sequel has a few more twists to the formula but you will still enjoy the original.

Monument Valley Monument Valley has many copycats. Both are great puzzle games that are well worth the effort. Play for $4 on Google Play Store


Puzzle games that are both easy to master and challenging can be the best. Patterns is a logic puzzle where you have to rotate pieces in order to make shapes of various sizes. Each puzzle will tell you how many shapes you need to create and how many pieces you can connect for each one. Sometimes the puzzle seems impossible but then it all comes together. This game is for logic-minded people who want to test their skills. There are two modes available: a freeplay and a timed one. The former is for people who enjoy the challenge and stress. Patterns is completely free, but you can purchase a cup of coffee from the developer to get rid of ads.

Patterns is an excellent brain-teasing/logic puzzle game on the Play Store. It's fun to play. You might find it frustrating at times but you will eventually master it. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

The Room series

Fireproof Games has created The Room, a well-known puzzle series for mobile. The series includes four games that offer hours of puzzle fun. These games are reminiscent of classic point-and-click adventure series like Siberia and Myst. You can easily spend hours on them, so be warned. The Room: Old Sins is the latest installment in the series. We've linked to it below. But the entire series is worth checking out if puzzle-lovers love them. Each game in The Room is a premium title with no ads or microtransactions. They're also just spooky enough for you to keep your eyes peeled.

The Room series: Explore this series of puzzle games, which hark back to classics such as Myst. Each game in The Room is worth checking out. $5 on Google Play Store

Samsara Room

Samsara Room, unlike the soothing entries just above, is quiet creepy, opaque and surprisingly difficult. Rusty Lake's Samsara room is actually designed to be a companion game for other entries in the Rusty Lake series of games. You can play it as a standalone game, and you will have no trouble learning the rules and enjoying the experience. We won't reveal the story, but it is a major draw. You just need to know that there is more to a room than meets the eye beyond its pastel green walls. Sometimes you'll need to use your brain to connect the dots so it's okay to ask for a walkthrough. Samsara Room comes with no in-app purchase, but they're not necessary. The game can be played one piece at a while or you can take your time and play it all at once. Samsara Room can be completed in about 3 hours, excluding any time spent stuck. This amazing mystery is something you should not miss!

Samsara Room Samsara Room is a continuation of the Rusty Lake games' legacy, but it has its own style and story. This escape room puzzler is both challenging and atmospheric. It's a great addition for any escape-junkie's library. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs


Threes! This is a cute and fun number-based puzzle game. Your goal is to match like numbers and swipe across the grid. It's important to plan carefully as you can run out of moves if the board is full. Although it's an easy game to learn, you can spend hours trying to master the rules. You can have a completely uncluttered experience by purchasing the complete game without ads and distractions. You can save money by downloading the full game. However, you will need to watch ads in order to get more plays. Although it's quite expensive for a game like this, I am happy to support independent developers when the end product is as good as it can be. If you love time-consuming puzzlers, this is the one to check out.

Threes! For Android. How cute can a game about numbers be? Try Threes! Give it a shot and see what happens. Google Play Store $1

Total Party Death

Many games with small groups of heroes challenge you to achieve the goal while keeping everyone alive. Total Party Kill is different. You must make sacrifices and only one hero, either your sword-wielding Knight or ace archer Ranger, can reach the exit of the 60 deadly, dangerous dungeons. Total Party Kill is full of platforming, puzzle, and strategy action. Total Party Kill is a great game for retro puzzle and platformers fans. Total Party Kill is a fun game for those who enjoy quirky humor.

You must make total party kill sacrifices! Each level must be conquered. Success means that you have at least one of your heroes reach the end. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs


Source: Google Play

Transmission is about creating connections that allow for communication. It is your goal to solve every puzzle in order to build a network. This can be very intense. There are 70 levels and 146 stars to collect so there is plenty for completionists. You can use multiple methods to solve each level and it supports Play Games achievements. It also features an amazing soundtrack. You can find a lot of content and it is a great way to see how networks work. It's a pleasure to see the minimalist art style. Transmission is an amazing game.

Transmission You can visualize different networks and solve puzzles to connect communication nodes. Transmission is an excellent tool for both technology and puzzle game enthusiasts. Google Play Store: Free

Turn it on!

Turn It On is about solving black box puzzles using gears, levers and cogs as well as switches, switches, dials and other devices. These challenges can be very challenging and will push you to the limit. Not only will you need to solve each puzzle, but you also have to determine the timings. This game's best feature is that you won't know what's happening from the beginning. This is part of the game's mystery and fun. If things get too easy, you can earn additional badges by completing level quickly. It's a fun game that surprised me and is definitely worth checking out on the Play Store.

Turn it on! Turn It On! It's all about solving black-box puzzles that require a seemingly inexplicable number of pieces. You must not only figure out the purpose of each piece, but also determine the timings. $2 on Google Play Store

Two dots

Two Dots, like all great puzzle games, is easy to learn, hard to master, and addictive. This sequel to Dots is available. The goal of this game is to connect as many dots as possible with the same color. With over 900 levels to complete, the sequel offers new skills and a variety of levels. After you have completed the 10 first levels, which serve as a tutorial, Two Dots will offer a linear adventure in Treasure Hunt. Once you reach level 35, Expedition is available. You'll find plenty of fun and variety in this game. It's also a special soundtrack.

Two Dots Two Dots is more than connecting dots. Two Dots offers a wide range of replayability and incredible variety. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Try a new puzzle game and challenge yourself! Although puzzle games are our favorite, there are many other great games that you can play on your smartphone. All of these games are worth the money. However, Transmission is the best free puzzler that I have found. The Room series is a great choice if you are willing to spend some money. They have hours of puzzles and are one of the most beautiful games on the Play Store. Bridge Constructor Portal is also worth mentioning. It's a perfect cross between two great games, and it's probably the closest thing we'll get to a new Portal.

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