TikTok's second-biggest star Khaby Lame reportedly lost followers after posting an anti-racist message on TikTok and Instagram

Khaby Lame claimed that he lost followers because he posted an anti-racism message. Valentina Frugiuele/Getty Images
According to reports, Khaby Lame posted an Instagram message that read "Say No to Racism."

Although the story is over, screenshots were shared via Dexerto news outlet.

Another post was also shared by the outlet, in which he stated that he had lost followers due to this.

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According to purported screenshots by Dexerto, TikTok star Khaby Lame posted anti-racism content on his TikToks, Instagram and then claimed that some people had unfollowed them as a result.

Lame, a Senegalese-Italian TikToker aged 21 is currently the platform's second largest creator, with 114 millions followers. He is quickly closing in on Charli D’Amelio's number one, who has 125.6 mil. His witty humor and mockery of viral trends on the platform made him a huge hit.

Lame, for example, imitates a clip in which a woman sticks her pigtails in a car's window. This video has more than 240 million views. Although the video has no TikTok account, it is possible that other creators have performed similar skits. The original video featured the girls cutting their hair while she begs behind the glass. Lame's version has him simply pressing the button that opens the electric window.

Lame shared a TikTok in September with the hashtag #notoracism. Dexerto published purported screenshots on Wednesday showing Lame's Instagram Story. The still read "Say no racism!" The story is now hidden.

The screenshots show that Lame received comments from others saying they had unfollowed him. Lame currently has 48 millions followers on Instagram.

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In a post he claimed, he stated that he didn't mind the men. "We are nearly in 2022, and people still use racist because they have nothing to accomplish in their lives." Follow your dreams and be happy.

He said that you can "unfollow me" as he doesn’t care about the numbers.

"I care about your heart!" He said. "If you think of something new, do so in a positive manner!"

According to Dexerto's screenshot of his Instagram story, he then posted a link for charity gogetfunding.com that is raising money to support a young fan with stage 4 cancer. Lame seemed to encourage people to give instead of writing negative comments.

Insider reached out to Lame representatives for comment.

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