Letitia Wright still being very anti-vaxx on Black Panther 2 set

Making movies is frustrating, at least from the perspective of those who pay for them. You have to hire people to do it. People who, among other meritorious traits, are giant factories for viruses and bad ideas.

THR recently reported on the horrifyingly varied responses that big-name celebrities had to politely request that they get the COVID-19 vaccine. This is because they are often unable to wear masks in order to protect their colleagues.

Fandom has found the most annoying note in the whole piece to be the paragraph that focuses on Letitia Wright, a vocal vaccine critic and now a major part of Disney's Black Panther franchise. Wright was previously criticized for her I, a person without a medical degree, but a strong intuition, am just asking questions! rhetoric. This has allowed the delta variant to remain a strong, vibrant part of the planet's population.

This propagandizing has not seemed to slow down any one on the Atlanta set for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She is rumored to have been spreading anti-vaccination views as she holds the position of chief star. While Disney may roll out a sticker system to identify vaccinated or unvaccinated workers on its sets soon, the new restrictions negotiated between the studios, the Hollywood unionswont, will apply to Black Panther as it has already begun filming. It won't be hard to find at least one anti-vaxxer among the film's staff. That would be Shuri the costumer who everyone calls Shuri and is presumably too close to Lupita Nyongo. We must preserve her as a species.

The THR piece surveys a variety of stars, reminding us that we don't want to be on the Rob Schneider side. However, the Mandalorians Giancarlo Emposito sums up the opposite situation best: If you don't want to vaccinate go to a small island to sequester yourself. You're saying "Fuck you" to all the other human beings. If we want to live, everyone must do it.

It seems pretty simple to us.