Scottish FA in year-ban plan for players guilty of racist or other discriminatory behaviour

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These measures were taken in response to an offensive remark made by Rangers' Glen Kamara last year

A Scottish FA action plan could see players banned for up to one year for racist or discriminatory behavior.

Scottish football fans would be able also to report any racist, sectarian, or discriminatory behavior at matches via text.

The plan is being developed by the Scottish FA in collaboration with all 42 SPFL clubs.

BBC Scotland's Inclusion and Diversity Officer David McCardle stated that one incident is "one too many."

He said, "We've noticed over the past number of weeks that such incidents are beginning to raise their heads within Scottish football and Scottish Society."

"Regardless of whether it's a major problem or a minor problem, there are instances that need to be eradicated to make our game safe and welcoming."

After the racial abuse that Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara received during their Europa League match against Slavia Czech at Ibrox last year, the plan was created.

McCardle was asked why a one-year ban was not being considered for players. "We felt that we had to move from what we had previously to a lifetime ban with no education to any potential perpetrators. Working with the PFA, and working with players, this was the right step.

"If a player is repeatedly brought up on discrimination charges, it might be possible to look at that."

Supporters have been accused of using racist language during SPFL matches.

Scots FA's text reporting concept aims to allow fans to report discriminatory language and not fear of intimidation.

McCardle thinks it won't be a huge financial burden for clubs. He pointed out that the Scottish FA's antidiscrimination policies were the next to be implemented following recent anti-homophobia, mental health and anti-homophobia action plans.