Google Pixel 6 price and release date may have just been leaked

We already know that Google's Pixel 6 phones are coming soon. However, thanks to an accidental leak from a German retailer, we now have the date and the price of the device in Europe.
The information was revealed by German retailer Saturn in an ad printed by Android Central via Nils Ahronsmeier, which stated that the Pixel 6 would start at 649$751. Saturn sweetens the deal by giving away a pair Bose 700 headphones for free, which normally retail at 279.99 ($322). Although the deal won't be repeated in every market, it points to retailers offering substantial discounts and deals along with Pixel phones.

The exact price of Pixel 6 in America is still unknown. Prices can vary wildly between Europe and the USA. However, it gives us an estimate of $699 to $799. We don't yet know the cost of the larger Pixel 6 Pro. It will probably be more expensive than Pixel 6.

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According to the ad, a pre-sale of the Pixel 6 will take place from October 19 through 27, which suggests that the phone will be available in stores as soon as October 28 or the week after.

Although all of the above data is not official, we know when Google will announce the Pixel 6 as it was recently announced.

Google's Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro phones are among the most important in Google's Pixel line-up. They feature Google's new Tensor chip and new design.