Tammy Abraham: Jose Mourinho persuaded me to leave England for Roma

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Tammy Abraham was still with the Chelsea youth team during Jose Mourinho's Chelsea reign.

Roma's Tammy Abraham claims that he initially resisted leaving the Premier League. However, Jose Mourinho convinced him to go.

Mourinho signed the England striker for Roma's 34m in August. He has scored four goals in ten games.

"It felt like home. Being around London, being in England. Abraham said that it was his home.

"I believe I had to open my wings and make a decision. I chose Italy, and would not change it."

The 24-year old was at Chelsea from under-eight and scored 30 goals in 82 matches for the Blues' original team. He also had several loan spells at English sides.

Mourinho was Chelsea's boss for two times before Abraham's debut. He then took over at Roma in the summer.

Abraham said that he had several options and is currently in England's World Cup qualifying squad with Andorra, Hungary, and Hungary.

"There were many clubs that I was speaking with at the time. It was Italy, and Jose was there. He had a goal.

"I could see where Roma should go, and where he wanted them to go. I wanted to be part in the process. He trusted me and made a huge impact on why I chose Roma.

"The first thing that he said was to me was when he picked up the telephone he was like, 'does he want to enjoy some sunshine or stay in the rain'. "I laughed."

Abraham stated that he didn't understand why he couldn't get into the Chelsea team under Thomas Tuchel.

Abraham stated, "I think that the easiest option would have been to stay around and sit down."

"Chelsea is a huge club. They will compete and attempt to win trophies. It would have been easy to do that.

"I realized that I had to go out and prove my self, so I started playing games. It was the right decision.