Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder III: Briton tells American rival 'your legacy is in bits'

Fury in a pre-fight news conference calls Wilder 'weak'
Fury v Wilder III Location: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Date: Saturday 9 October (approx. 04:00 BST Sunday, October 10 Live text updates available on BBC Sport's website.

Deontay Wilder was pushed by Tyson Fury at the last news conference before their trio fight.

This weekend, Fury will defend his WBC World Heavyweight Title.

As Fury insists Wilder's legacy is tarnished, it was a tense scene that erupted during closing statements.

"You're in denial and you're getting knocked out. Do yourself a favor and quit boxing. Fury stated, "Your legacy is in pieces."

"Even all of your excuses have been destroyed. You are a weak man."

Wilder responded to the taunts by insisting that his opponent did not have any power over him

"I don’t have to fight another single day in my life. I am fine. Can you say the exact same thing? Fury made fun of him and he responded with nerve energy.

"My family and my children understand that boxing is a dangerous sport. No other sport has claimed as many deaths as boxing. They get it.

Tensions were rising and the face-off was abandoned when Top Rank boss Bob Arum shouted out from the side of stage that there would be no staredown.

Wilder is the target of Fury

The first question was not even asked. Wilder settled into his chair, and Fury refused. Fury wore a bright suit with the WBC logo on it, while Wilder was wearing his jacket and he checked his phone repeatedly.

Wilder was unable to answer any questions at their June news conference. But this time, he was eager to speak. His opening line: "I don’t have anything to prove."

Wilder, 35 years old, was defeated by Briton, 33, in a technical knockout 20 months ago. This happened after their first fight, which was drawn.

Fury made many bizarre excuses for his loss, including that Fury had tampered with his gloves and that Fury's ring-walk outfit was too heavy. This was his first professional career failure.

Fury called his American rival "weak" and refused to retract any of his claims.

Wilder said, "My energy is as violent as my mind," Wilder continued. "I don’t regret it. I will go to the grave believing in what my beliefs are.

"One thing is certain, men lie, and women lie, but your eyes do not lie what you see. People can believe whatever they want, but the eyes are truthful. It made me more hungry, and made me better as an individual.

"I would not take it back, it was my blessing in disguise, and I wouldn't accept it."

Wilder's comments clearly made Fury furious.

He stated that he didn't care as it was clearly coming from an unwell individual. He accused me of everything including his team, trainer, suit (he wore on the way), injuries, the Athletic State Commission of Nevada and the ref. If he had only one excuse, it might have been plausible.

"It tells me that he is weak and I will knock spark out Saturday night.

He is even copying me. Today, he has no T-shirt. I am known for not wearing shirts at press conferences - I know that I am inspiring, but you are supposed be the Bronze Bomber. Do your own thing."

Steve Egan, Tyson Fury's first coach, recalls their first meeting at 14 years old.

"The truth will set your free"

Wilder remained cool right up until the end, and Fury demanded an explanation for Fury's final encounter.

Fury raised questions about Wilder's legacy during the news conference. But the American insists that all pressure is on Wilder, the WBC champion.

Wilder stated, "When you know truth, they say truth will set your free. I don't have any pressure, there is no to lose, and everything to gain."

All the pressure is on him. Your legacy does not die when the man is gone. If the desire and fire within your heart cease to exist, then your legacy will also die. I am still here.

"We have a lot in line, in order. This is what the world requires to know. There are a lot more things I could say out there, but silence, it is gold."

"You'll be back at that fast food chain"

Fury was unflinching during a media session that lasted just under half an hour, including two breaks.

Fury, who had not seen his heavyweight rival in months, was buoyant as he attempted to rip off his opponent. He promised another spectacular performance in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Fury declared that Fury was the "first two-time heavyweight champion in the world, history-maker"

"Wilder claimed that I won the second fight because of cheating, but then he changes everything and trains as hard as ever. I wonder if I won only because I cheated. What was the point in changing everything? You can't answer that question, so put some egg in your mouth.

He says he wants me to hurt him. Those who hold a hot coke with the intent of throwing it at someone are the ones who get burned. I don't wish to harm Deontay Wilder. I just want to defeat him in a fight.

"Guess what? After this fight, you will be back at that fast food chain where you worked early in your career."