Netflix will edit phone numbers out of Squid Game following prank calls

Netflix's immensely popular Squid Game series is being edited after real phone numbers used in the series were dialed, resulting in what the company called "unfortunate prank dials".
In multiple scenes, the Korean drama about a sadistic video game in which players are forced to play a series of difficult challenges has visible phone numbers. A trailer for Squid Game also shows a clearly visible phone number.

Reuters reported earlier that Siren Pictures and Netflix deliberately did not include a complete count and didn't know the line would reach a real one.

Netflix has confirmed to The Verge that numbers in Squid Game will not be edited. It also stated that it hopes the change will stop prank calls.

Local media outlets were informed by a man who claimed to own the number that he was being bombarded daily with calls and messages. He also stated that it had been difficult for him to live his normal life. It appears that multiple people may have been contacted by Squid Game enthusiasts. Netflix didn't immediately respond to a request for clarification on whether the series had affected one or more local numbers.

Squid Game was a huge success for Netflix. It became the streaming service's top title in the US last week. According to Netflix, it remains a top title this week. This is also the first Korean series to achieve that top spot. This is a great win for Netflix and a huge success for the creators of the shows. However, it is safe to assume that the poor person(s) who received prank calls by random Squid Game devotees felt differently.