Former Trump DOJ No. 2 sits for interview with Jan. 6 committee

Jan. 6 panel chair mentioned Friday's start of closed-door interviews.
Today, we are interviewing some voluntary witnesses. We'll continue this process. We will have additional subpoenas to come out and we'll continue our work, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D–Miss. According to Thompson, Rep.

This week, the panel faces crucial deadlines in its investigation. Thompson stated that some of the former president's closest advisers and aides were given until Thursday to submit documents regarding the attack. Failure to do so could lead to criminal referrals.

Friday's interview was not Donoghue's first with a congressional panel looking into the aftermath of the 2020 elections. At the beginning of August, he completed a closed-door interview at the Senate Judiciary Committee. The House Oversight Committee had scheduled interviews with Donoghue, as well as other former Justice Department officials. However, it abruptly cancelled the interviews and turned over its investigation to the selected panel.

Donoghue kept detailed notes of a December 27 call between former President Donald Trump (Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen) in which Rosen had forced Justice Department officials to label the 2020 election illegal and corrupt, while they claimed that Trump was making false claims about voter fraud.

Patrick Hovakimian (another top Justice Department official) was so worried that Trump might fire Rosen, he wrote a memo in which he announced Donoghue and he would resign. The email was not sent to the House Oversight Committee, but it was obtained by them during their investigation of the Justice Department.