Joe Manchin says Bernie Sanders wants 'entitlement society' as West Virginia lawmaker holds up popular Democratic spending bill

Sens. On Wednesday, Sanders and Manchin argued about the Democrats' Social Spending Bill.
Sanders charged Sens. Manchin and Sinema were accused of "sabotage", on Wednesday.

Sinema and Manchin are the only Senate Democrats to oppose the $3.5 trillion package.

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After Sanders held a fiery press conference in which he called out Manchin's and Krysten Sinema’s "vague opposition" to the Democrats' social-spending bill, Sen. Joe Manchin fired back on Wednesday at Senator Bernie Sanders.

"My number is $1.5 trillion. Manchin stated to pool reporters, "I've been very specific."

Manchin said, "I have been very clear in terms of who we are as society and who we are collectively," "I don’t believe we should make our society an entitlement society. We should be a caring, rewarding society."

Manchin said that Sanders and he "share very different political and policy beliefs."

Sanders had earlier lashed out at Sinema, Manchin and others during a press conference Wednesday. He said that "two people don't have the right" to "sabotage what 48 want, or what the president wants."

Sanders was critical about Manchin's $1.5 Trillion ceiling on the social spending bill. He reiterated that $3.5 Trillion was the consensus of Democrats.

"Is it an entitlement to protect working families and reduce childhood poverty? Sanders was asked.

The Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill would allow Medicare to expand to include vision and dental care, as well as hearing aids. It also would extend $300 child tax payments up until 2025.

"Does Senator Manchin really think that seniors don't have the right to digest their food and that they don't have the right to hear and see? Sanders said. Sanders said, "Is it really too much to ask for in the richest nation on Earth that elderly people can see and hear and have their teeth in their mouths?"

Sanders also criticized Sinema's "vagueness" in not committing to a figure or stating which provisions she disagrees.

"Sen. Sinema is adamant that she doesn't negotiate publicly. Sanders stated that she doesn't understand what this means and where it is coming from.

Sanders addressed Sens, saying "Tell us your wishes." Manchin and Sinema