Rio De Janeiro Police Discover $3.2 Million Nazi Memorabilia Collection During Arrest Of Alleged Pedophile

An arrest warrant was issued for a rich man who is accused of child abuse in Rio de Janeiro. Police discovered his vast collection of Nazi memorabilia worth $3.2million.

During a preview of a...[+] Berlin museum exhibit, uniforms belonging to Nazi criminal Adolf Hitler are shown. Getty Images

The Key Facts

Police said that the 58-year old man approached children at his condominium in Rio de Janeiro. He tried to bring them inside his home. According to Reuters, authorities found more than 1,000 Nazi-related items in the home of the man when they arrived to arrest him. These included uniforms and insignia as well as medals, paintings, and photographs of Adolf Hitler. Police said that the suspect was charged with discrimination after discovering the haul. They also found World War II-era weapons and ammunition in his apartment, which led to an illegal weapons charge. Luis Armond (the lead detective in the case) said that the suspect is from a wealthy family that has invested. He also stated that he believes he used his inheritance for his collecting hobby. A uniform worn by a Nazi high-ranking official can cost up to $290,000. Armond suggested that the Nazi collection could be taken to a museum by police.

Important Quote

Armond said that Armond was a smart, articulate man, but he is a Holocaust denier and homophobic. He's also a pedophile, and he claims he hunts homosexuals." He seems insane to me, even though I'm not a doctor.

Important Background

Many Nazi party members and officers fled South America after World War II. They wanted to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes. Josef Mengele was an Auschwitz doctor who performed horrific experiments on prisoners. In 1979, almost 20 years after fleeing the Third Reich's fall, he drowned in the ocean off So Paulo. Neo-Nazis are still active in Brazil, particularly in the southern region. They have increased in recent years.

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Brazil police discover 3 mln Euros worth of Nazi material at the home of a suspected pedophile (Reuters).