Admitting Joey Bosa's comments got 'under my skin,' Derek Carr vows he'll be motivated by critics

Stephen A. Smith said that he has low opinion of the Raiders since losing to the Chargers. (2:44).
HENDERSON (Nev.) -- Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was furious Wednesday at Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers defensive line, for his criticisms of his play. He suggested that they could be used as motivation.

Carr stated, "I thought it was unfortunate that him even think to speak it." "Maybe he was trying to get under me skin. He did, however, piss me off. Bravo! This is not a bad thing.

Bosa was asked by reporters about Carr's pressure after Monday's 28-14 win of the Chargers. He was hit seven times and then sacked four more times.

Bosa stated that he knew that once we hit him a few more times, he gets shaken. "And you could see on Christian Covington's fourth quarter sack that he was basically curling into a ball even before we got back there.

"So, great dude, great player. Although he has had a fantastic year, we knew that if we put pressure on him, he shuts down. He isn't as efficient with a crowded pocket. That was the key.

The Raiders had 51 yards of offense during the first half, and were trailing 21-0 at halftime. Carr started to drive Las Vegas in search of a game-tying touchdown when Covington sack him for a 6-yard loss at third-and-3. It was just 11 minutes into regulation.

Carr, who was the NFL's leader in passing yards, ended the season with a season-low 196 yards and two TDs, with an interception. He received support from his teammates, his coach Jon Gruden and Greg Olson.

"We love our quarterback," Gruden said Tuesday. Gruden said Tuesday that he believes he is having a great year and will continue to have one.

Carr said that he still loves Bosa, however.

Carr stated, "And he knows this." "We've been back and forth. He probably was mad that I was talking to him a lot during the game. It was a very emotional day for them. After the event, we learned a lot about their team. It's a new week, which is a good thing. He is entitled to his opinion and the right to say those things. It's almost as if he was watching the game in reverse.

"We fought a lot after they chased us up front in the game I saw. It's fine. Gru and Oly were right when they told me that I care about the opinions they had given me yesterday and today. It will continue to be this way. I am especially proud of my colleagues. We'll see them again. He is entitled to do so. Great player, great dude. He probably watched the game in a different order than I did.

In the regular-season finale of both teams at Allegiant Stadium, on Jan. 9, the Raiders will host the Chargers.