Valve opens up a Steam Deck to explain why it thinks you shouldn’t

Valve has published an official teardown video of the Steam Deck, its next handheld gaming computer. The company warns that you should not disassemble the Steam Deck unless you are confident in your knowledge.
A Valve representative stated in the video that even though it is your computer or it will once you receive your Steam Deck, and you are free to do whatever you like with it, we really don't recommend that you open it up. Because the Steam Deck is such a tightly-designed system, parts that are specifically designed for this product are not easily swappable.

The company probably knows that Steam Deck users will take it apart regardless of its warnings. This video could be useful for anyone who is considering taking it apart.

Valve demonstrates how to swap two components of the system in the video. Valve first shows you how to replace your thumbsticks. Although they are custom-made, the company warns that they will be able to provide replacement parts, thumbsticks and SSDs in the future.

Valve then shows you how to swap the SSD. This could prove useful for those who have purchased the cheapest version with an eMMC drive and are looking to upgrade it. All versions of Steam Deck have an m.2 connector. If you want to swap out the SSD, you will need to reinstall your OS and transfer any games that you have on the other drive.

The Steam Deck will start shipping in December according to Valve, although initial reservations sold out quickly. You can reserve one now but you will need to wait at least until the second quarter 2022 to place an order.


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