Northern Colorado assistant football coach Max McCaffrey reprimanded after errant clipboard toss hit fan

Max McCaffrey, University of Northern Colorado's offensive coordinator, was reprimanded after accidentally hitting an opponent fan with a broken piece of paper during Saturday's 40-7 defeat to Montana State.
McCaffrey was the oldest brother of Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers running back) and broke his clipboard on the sideline. He tossed it into the stands and it hit a Montana State fan.

Northern Colorado released a statement saying that it had reviewed video and statements from the incident and concluded that McCaffrey’s clipboard toss displayed a lack judgment, but no malicious intent or anger. The school claims that the fan wanted the clipboard broken as a souvenir.

"Max is embarrassed and will work privately to apologize to any fan who was hurt by the incident," Darren Dunn, Northern Colorado athletic director, said. "After meeting with Max and the whole football staff, I am certain we will not engage with any fans of our rivals," Dunn said.

Northern Colorado is currently at 2 in the season. They are coached by Ed McCaffrey (Max's father) and quarterbacked, Max's younger brother and ex-Michigan quarterback, Dylan McCaffrey.

Max was trying to get into the XFL when he was appointed as the wide receivers coach. After appearing in more than 50 games at Duke, Max moved around the NFL practicing squads for the Packers and Raiders, Saints and 49ers, Jaguars, and Jaguars over the next three seasons.