Russian Actress Boards Space Station, Says She Feels Like She’s Dreaming

"Everything was brand new to us today. Every 30 seconds brought us something completely new."
Dream State

Russian actress Yulia Pesild arrived yesterday at the International Space Station to film The Challenge. It is the first feature-length movie shot in space.

She said that everything was new today and that every 30 second brought something completely new during a videoconference on Tuesday, which she conducted through an interpreter. CBS News quoted her.

She said that she had just met the rest the crew, including the astronauts and cosmonauts who have been living aboard the station for some time. I am still living in a dream.

Space Trip

Peresild's guide Klim Shipenko was also overwhelmed by the experience.



He said it was amazing. Although it was difficult, it was worth it. Friends met us.

The Soyuz spacecraft carrying the crew to the ISS was fraught with drama. Because of software and communications problems, veteran astronaut Anton Shkaplerov was forced to assume manual control to dock the capsule to the station.

The Challenge

To film scenes for the movie, the team will spend less than a week aboard the station. According to Russian TV station Channel One the movie will contain 35-40 minutes of footage shot at the ISS.

The Challenge is intended to boost the country's space program and tell the story of a surgeon who visits the space station in order to save the life of a cosmonaut.



According to CBS, Peresild stated that this job would have been huge even on Earth. We have had ten days. It won't be like the regular 12-hour shooting days. Instead, it will be two to three hours per day when we can work with the cosmonauts.

Klim and me will continue shooting together for the rest of the time, she said.

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