Zodiac Killer Identified as Gary Francis Poste, Investigators Say

The Zodiac Killer, perhaps the most notorious serial killer in Northern California, has been finally identified. However, he is already dead according to an independent team.
Investigators believe that Gary Francis Poste was the man responsible for terrorizing the San Francisco area in late 1960s. Police never caught Poste and he died in 2018. Poste managed to evade authorities in the Bay Area and he also committed murder hundreds miles away. This was a crime that was not previously connected with him.

Fox News reports that a group of over 40 journalists, detectives and military intelligence officers formed the so-called Case Breakers. They believe Poste is responsible for the 1966 murder in Riverside, California.

Five murders occurred in 1968 and 1969, which are all connected to the Zodiac Killer. He sent riddles and codes to the San Francisco Chronicle, blaming authorities.

The Zodiac Killer's rampage led to many movies, most notably "Zodiac," which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr.

The Case Breakers solved the case by digging through forensic evidence and photographs from Poste's darkroom for years. According to the team, they found a photo of Poste with scars on his forehead that was similar to scars on a Zodiac sketch.

Other clues were also found... the team deciphered letters from the Zodiac which revealed Poste was the killer. The team discovered that one note contained a message in which the letters of Poste's full names were removed.