Best smart plug for Google Home and Alexa 2021

The Best Smart Plugs For Alexa And Google Home Android Central 2021
After being adopted by a small number of people, Amazon Echo and Google Home/Nest smart speaker have moved on to mainstream culture. These devices can help you build your smart home. You might be skeptical about which company's voice assistant is best for you. This is why I have both Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible speakers installed in my home. We've collected the top smart plugs that work with both Google Assistant and Alexa, in case you are in the same boat.

Smart plugs for Alexa and Google Home will upgrade your smart home.

You can connect thousands of smart devices to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Google has a new smart home directory that will help you choose the right devices for your home if you are just starting to build it.

Smart plugs are the most versatile and easy-to-use way to upgrade your smart house. It's almost like magic to be able control your favorite reading lamp, or any other small appliance with your voice. The Kasa Smart Plug Ultra Mini is a great choice to get you started. It's affordable and reliable, so you can operate your devices even if you're not home.

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Power Strip is a smarter way to upgrade multiple tech devices at once. You can schedule and control six outlets independently using Alexa and Google Home. It also provides surge protection and voice control. It also includes three USB ports that can power or charge your other devices.