Best racing games for Android 2021

We have compiled a list of the top racing games available in the Google Play Store. We have compiled a list of the best racing games in the Google Play Store. It includes everything from highly realistic racing sims to stylized arcade racing. We also have a list of the top Android games. Are you ready? Let's get on the road!
Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends, the latest addition to one of the most loved racing games on the Google Play Store is now available. This game is a high-octane, high-octane adventure with all the trimmings. It doesn't pretend to be realistic. The career mode allows players to earn money or work their way up the ranks, unlocking new rides and upgrading existing ones. Eight-car racers are available online. VPN Deals: A lifetime license costs $16, with monthly plans starting at $1. The default controls are "TouchDrive." This allows you to concentrate on steering and acceleration, and drifting while the game handles all of your driving and acceleration. You have other options, such as tilt-steering and on-screen controls, but it's best to use TouchDrive as your default control option until you feel comfortable with the game. Asphalt 9 is an adrenaline rush you will never forget thanks to its stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack. Download Asphalt 9: Legends (Free w/IAPs)

Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt, one of the most popular racing franchises available for mobile, features high-octane racing and over 50 of top racing cars in the world. You can also enjoy a full career mode with wild arcade-style racing action. Google Play offers free IAPs

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 looks a lot like Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing. (Who remembers ??).?). You'll be racing to the top in a cart racer equipped with power-ups. There's more to this game than just the classic version. You can not only collect drivers and cars, but you can also level up your power-ups. There are many to choose from. There are many game modes available, including an online multiplayer. You'll be able to have fun with a variety of activities. Beach Buggy Racing 2 offers a fun and nostalgic racing experience, much like the classics. It's free to play, but it doesn't impose any monetization. The game is so fun that I feel no shame in supporting the developer. It's really only a way to increase in-game progress.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 Beach Buggy Racing2 takes you back to the days of console car racing games. It's adorable, it's funny, and it's a lot of fun. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a simple drag racing game. You don't have to worry about steering, all you need is to time your gear changes perfectly. You will be ahead of your opponent if you use indicators to tell you when to make your next shift. The premium currency can be used for high-end cars while the standard currency can buy other vehicles and can also be used to upgrade parts like the engine, intake, gearbox, or body. CSR Racing 2 is another racing game in the franchise, while CSR Classics and CSR Racing 2 are still our favorites.

CSR Racing CSR Racing reduces drag racing to pure twitch reflexes. You can customize and upgrade over 100 cars. How far can you go on the World Tour? Google Play Store - Free with ads and IAPs

Data Wing

Another game that is 100% free and has no strings attached. Data Wing is a racing game in neon. Data Wing's visual style is stunning and I have loved every moment of it. The controls are spot on and extremely sharp. The levels look incredible and there's a high skill ceiling. Data Wing has a funny story, which is a little like Tron. Although you'll likely finish it quickly, it's still fun to go back and try it again. This has a high replay value. The soundtrack is also quite great. Data Wing is a great program. It doesn't have the usual downsides or caveats that I normally have to mention. This software is completely free and does not require IAPs or ads.

Data Wing Data Wing is another great freebie. This beautiful racing adventure takes cues from Tron’s neonscape. This is a great little game that's well worth your time. Google Play Store: Free

Dirt Trackin 2

Dirt Trackin 2 (of course) is the sequel to Dirt Trackin. Although it may not look as good as some of the other games, Dirt Trackin 2 has solid gameplay and a variety. It also offers races against AI and other players. It has simple but precise controls that are perfect for any racing game. You have five car models to choose, career mode, PvP, and plenty of customization. There are also time trials and other modes. This is a great game to pass the time.

Dirt Trackin 2, Dirt Trackin 2, is a racing game that allows you to customize your vehicle and do a lot more. Although it may not be the most beautiful, it is solid. Get it for $4 on the Google Play Store


The game is unique in that it combines high-speed car chases and the best elements of the endless runner genre. The great art style, which uses procedurally generated maps for plotting out the towns and curbside attractions you will visit on your outlaw tour, draws you in immediately. To collect all the bottle caps, you will need to be a competent driver. These bottles can then be used to unlock your 29 unique vehicles. Your anonymous sidekick will complete the atmosphere by reminding you to stop at every gas station and making comments about every miss. While endless runners may seem like a casual game, the touch controls require you to pay attention and provide quick inputs that allow you to drive your car in tight places. Each car unlocks a different speed and handling but you will learn how to master them all as you race across the three terrains of desert, snow, or jungle. There are five cities you can tour. You can either watch ads to extend your run, or pay an in-app purchase to get permanent in-game bonuses and remove them.

#Drive is an endless driving game that takes you across many counties. It's easy to keep your car running and avoid crashes while outrunning police officers. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Grand Prix Story

Source: Google Play Store

Grand Prix Story, a racing sim that is quite different from Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, is also available. This pixel art adventure has a lot more fun and cuteness than MMM3. Some of you may prefer to be a part of a team rather than a single driver. Continue reading if so. It's not about being realistic. It's about having fun with great art. As the manager, you are responsible for recruiting and training drivers, negotiating sponsorship deals and ensuring that your team wins. To ensure your success, build new cars and parts. Grand Prix Story is a once-off purchase that does not include ads or microtransactions. It's a fun, wholesome, and entertaining experience that will put you in the manager's seat.

Grand Prix Story is another racing sim. Grand Prix Story uses a less realistic and whimsical approach. You can enjoy the adorable art style as you lead a team to victory! Google Play Store: $5.49

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport brings you console-quality racing on Android. There are no compromises in graphics or gameplay. This game has some of the most beautiful textures and graphics I have ever seen in a mobile game. You can swap paint with your opponents in corners and the physics engine is dynamic. Over 100 cars are available to drive on a variety of tracks. You can race on a variety of circuits, including open-wheel and touring circuits as well as street drag races or arcade-style demolition races. GRID Autosport lets you decide how difficult you want to race. This allows casual gamers to have a more arcade-like experience, while racing enthusiasts can choose a harder and more challenging course. The game supports Bluetooth controllers, which is a great feature. It is simply easier to use a physical controller. We have a list of options for you if you are looking for one for mobile gaming. It is unfortunate that the NVIDIA Shield TV doesn't have support. This should make it perfectly capable of running GRID. But there are the breaks. GRID Autosport, a premium racing game on Android, is well worth the investment if you want the best action.

Grid Autosport GRID Autosport for Android is a racing game that offers a wide range of cars and tracks to test your skills. You can choose from traditional racing modes or drag or drift races. Or you can smash them up in a demolition derby. $10 on Google Play Store

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free-to-play and freemium racing game. There are many vehicles to unlock, upgrades that can be purchased, customization of characters and vehicles, as well as a variety of game modes, such offline Adventure or Arcade. The game's name might suggest that it is about climbing and descending hills while you race other players. This is a fun, simple game that's also very entertaining. It's a fun and whimsical game that you will not find realistic in.

Hill Climb Racing 2. Hill Climb Racing 2 will challenge you to climb the highest and lowest hills. There are many vehicles to unlock, upgrades available to buy, and customizations to be had. Google Play Store offers free IAPs and ad-free services

Horizon Chase - World Tour

Horizon Chase is a retro-style racing game with gameplay that's reminiscent of the 80s arcade racer Pole Position. There's lots of fun here with bright retro graphics and more than 70 tracks that span 32 cities. To win the race, you must start from the back of a 20-car pack. Keep winning and you will unlock 16 more cars. The San Francisco tracks are free to you, but you must pay to unlock the full game. We are sure you'll enjoy this game because it is so beautiful and entertaining. Horizon Chase is a tribute to arcade classics like Outrun, Pole Position and Cruis'n USA. It's just awesome. I feel like a kid again, dropping quarters in the arcade or firing up my N64.

Horizon Chase World Tour Race through colorful locations in Horizon Chase. This retro racer delivers arcade-style fun with or without a controller. Full game available at Google Play Store for $4

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour being free-to-play is both a blessing and a curse. It means millions can play the game without paying a dime. However, it also means that the game has been designed to encourage you to sign up for a monthly Gold Pass to unlock more characters and to earn in-app currency. It's as chaotic and chaotic as one would expect from Mario Kart, and is easily the most enjoyable mobile racing game I've ever played. This is a Mario Kart experience in many ways. There are coins and item boxes scattered along each track, fun shortcuts to find, and both the thrill of winning and the more painful sting of defeat. However, this is despite the oversimplified controls and invisible bumper rails that prevent you from going off-course, as well as other strange limitations Nintendo has placed. Mario Kart Tour's unique aspect is its ability to be played on smartphones. There are fewer courses available, and unlocking them all would require more money than buying the latest Mario Kart Game for the Nintendo Switch. You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy Mario Kart Tour. However, it is worth the effort to match up with other players who have spent a lot of money to upgrade their drivers or karts.

Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour allows you to play your favorite tracks as well as several new ones right from your smartphone. You can unlock many characters, karts and items. Compare your skills against other players from all over the world and see how you compare! Google Play offers free IAPs

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Imagine if you could manage the racers instead of racing. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 allows you to do just that. To become the best, you can build your own racing team and compete at international events. Everything is yours, from the hiring of drivers to the upgrades of the cars. You can even work to create the best pitstop. You need to be ready for any eventuality, even weather changes or crashes. This game is quite robust, allowing you to see all the details of a race. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 promises more fun and challenging challenges to match your growing skills.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 Get out of your driver's seat and take on the role of manager. It's time for you to start building a racing team. You can manage every aspect of the race, from training to upgrades. $7.49 on Google Play Store

Nitro Nation Drag & Shift

It was hard to believe I hadn't heard about Nitro Nation Drag & Shift before. This is despite the fact that it has a ridiculous name. It was so good that I tried it. Because Nitro Nation, as it will now be called, isn't like other freemium games. Some of these are on this list. This is a true racing game that's full of drag racing goodness. There are IAPs for top-tier cars and in-game currency. There is a lot to do in Nitro Nation. You have a wide range of cars, tuning options, cosmetics, and many more. It can seem overwhelming. It's almost overwhelming without all the noise about energy systems, upgrade wait times, or other such things. You can just enjoy the game and the experience it has to offer. This one is sure to be a hit.

Nitro Nation Drag & Shift Despite its awkward name, Nitro Nation Drag & Shift can be described as a great drag racing game. There are lots to do, many cars to unlock and great gameplay. Get it free with IAPs from Google Play Store

Project Offroad 20

Perhaps drag racing has lost its thrill. Perhaps you are tired of repeating the same tracks. Maybe these one-touch racing games are making you feel down. Project Offroad 20 is a great choice if that's your case. Project Offroad 20's outdated environmental graphics may be a problem, but the variety of challenges and options it offers is unparalleled in mobile racing. You'll be entertained and informed by the realistic mud- and water physics, automotive rock climbing, and track and hill-climbing modes. The customization and vehicle tuning options add an additional layer of depth. Every modification you make to your vehicle will affect the way it drives. There are many options in the mobile racer world, but most of them are the same thing over and over again. Project Offroad 20 is a great alternative to boring old humdrum.

Project Offroad 20 Ride into the wilds in Project Offroad 20. Project Offroad 20 is an innovative mobile racer that offers more modes than you could imagine. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Rally Fury Extreme Racing

Rally Fury. Extreme Racing is often overlooked due to its more extravagant cousins like GRID Autosport or CSR Racing. This low-key racer will appeal to those who have played other mobile racing games. Rally Fury is an easy racer with enough nuance to keep it interesting. To win, you will need to master your drifting, steering, and boosting skills using either motion or touch controls. Rally Fury is an old car that has been around for some time so it isn't reliant on the one-touch racing idea. This is a pro in my book. Although the touch screen controls are intuitive and simple, if you're anything like me you might need to practice to master them. Rally Fury was updated earlier this spring despite its age. The game now has a variety of tracks, a upbeat soundtrack and amazing audio effects that create an immersive experience. Although it shouldn't be your goal, it is a lot of fun to crash into trees and see your screen cracking to show how bad you did. Rally Fury has few negatives, but customization is lacking and there aren’t as many cars to unlock as other modern racers. Rally Fury does have in-app purchases but I don't know how you would feel about them. You can earn cash by simply racing and playing the game as normal. This money can be used to upgrade and purchase cars. You can get the premium version for one dollar. However, you can also play the base Rally Fury version for free. It offers a similar experience.

Rally Fury Extreme Racing Rally Fury - Extreme Racing is a racing mobile game that you don't want to miss. Despite not having the same name recognition as many of its contemporaries, Extreme Racing has good graphics, smooth controls and great physics. Google Play Store: Free with IAPs

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an amazing mobile racing game that will keep serious gearheads happy. Real brand-name cars are used on the tracks. The game also features an interesting multiplayer system that records lap times from your friends and allows you to race against another bot. You can also bump them out to affect their track times, and you have a single-player career that's worth exploring. Players can earn new cars over time and upgrade mechanical parts with their winnings. But make sure to take care of your car. To avoid costly repairs, you will need to keep it in top condition. EA games offer a variety of microtransactions, which include three in-game currencies that can be used to accomplish different tasks. This is a typical EA move that ruins a fun racing game.

Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3 looks amazing, and you'll keep coming back for more. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Riptide GP: Renegade

RiptideGP: Renegade, the latest in futuristic and futuristic jet ski racing on Android is the best. RiptideGP: Renegade is a story-driven mode that harkens back to games like Jet Moto and Wave Race 64. It also offers the option to race in a fast race or compete against other online competitors. The graphics are excellent, featuring water and motion blur effects that give the game an incredible sense of speed. The hydro jet is controlled by tilt-steering, which is not ideal. However, Bluetooth gamepads can be used to make it more fluid. The controls are key to the game's success. You can pull off amazing stunts with just a few swipes. You can unlock and upgrade many things as you progress through the career mode. The AI is also top-notch and provides a challenge when compared to other Android racing games. To handle the graphics and gameplay you'll need a good phone. The game also works well on the NVIDIA Shield TV box. For some helpful tips, see our Beginner's Guide to Riptide GP: Renegade.

RiptideGP: Renegade Are you ready to get wet? RiptideGP: Renegade, a stylish wave-racer that's still one the most attractive racing games on Android, is available for $3 at Google Play Store. Google Play Store: $3

Thumb Drift

You only have one hand and want to race but you don't have the time or resources to do so. Thumb Drift is the game for you. The game features charming graphics and a simple concept. Your goal is to drift sideways along four challenging courses. There are over 100 cars that you can buy in-app, unlock randomly with coins collected on the track, and many other tricks to make it endlessly fun. Thumb Drift is the casual and endless racing game you've been looking for. Although it's not the most entertaining or endearing racing title on the list, with the IAPs being so in-your face, sometimes some mindless fun is worth the installation. Thumb Drift is the only thing you have to do. If you think it's something you would enjoy, give it a try.

Thumb Drift Thumb Drift features simple one-thumb controls. Thumb Drift has over 100 cars that can be unlocked and drifted through six tracks. Google Play Store: Free with ads and IAPs

Tofu Drifter

Tofu Drifter is an amazing drifting game that I am biased by my real love for tofu. It's a simple concept, but it's also very specific. You play as a driver who delivers tofu to customers. The gameplay, or my abiding love for tofu, is what draws me in. You can drift through real-time generated tracks using touchscreen controls in portrait mode. This allows you to collect coins and XP which can be used for upgrading your business. You can collect new cars, upgrade the office, and increase your business efficiency. This will lead to more tracks and higher order limits. Although the progression is good, it can be quite difficult to reach higher levels. Tofu Drifter's monetization is solely via incentivized advertisements. I find this a huge plus. There are no forced ads or in-app purchases. To speed up certain functions in the game, such as new order processing rates or inventory growth, you can opt to view ads. Tofu Drifter, a game that allows you to drift to your heart's desire, is fun and well executed.

Tofu Drifter A quirky and beautiful take on drifting, but no less enjoyable, Tofu Drifter will delight all drift lovers. Google Play Store: Free with ads

Top Speed 2: Drag Rivals

Top Speed was a popular racing game in its day. The sequel brings it up a level. You get multiplayer, more than 70 cars to unlock, a variety of customization options and racing options. The only problem is the cost of the game. The game lets you play the role of a disgraced police officer who becomes involved in drag racing with members of the mafia. Although it sounds strange, the racing action is second to it. There are many cars available to you as you try to make a name for yourselves and become the best driver in the area. Top Speed 2 has some great vehicular customization but it also has its flaws. You can make many in-app purchases here. You will be asked to spend money on "refueling", which is the stamina meter, lootboxes that can be used for parts and upgrades for cars. Although it all feels a bit sloppy, the game is still enjoyable.