Coach Urban Meyer apologizes to entire Jacksonville Jaguars team

Stephen A. Smith believes Urban Meyer shouldn't be fired due to the viral video last week. (1:52).
Urban Meyer, the Jacksonville Jaguars coach, addressed his entire team Wednesday morning. He also apologized for his actions last week. ESPN has received confirmation from a source.

NFL Network first reported Meyer's apology to his team Wednesday. According to NFL Network, Meyer apologized to the team for making them feel embarrassed.

Meyer will address reporters on Wednesday morning. Meyer's apology came after Shad Khan, Jaguars owner publicly reprimanded Meyer last week for his "inexcusable” actions at an Ohio bar.

Meyer also spoke out on Tuesday night's situation on Jacksonville's 1010XL radio station, acknowledging the need to win back trust.

Meyer stated that he made a comment about the logo when he arrived, about an owner who is determined to lose in the worst way. Meyer said, "That's why I came here. That guy is just so admirable. ... That's why I am so mad at myself for having lived that life and that I failed to do so.

Meyer, 57 years old, apologized for his actions Friday morning, just one day after Cincinnati's 24-21 defeat. Meyer claimed that Meyer and his family went to Urban Meyer's Pint House to eat, and that people asked permission to take pictures with them at an event nearby. Meyer claimed he should have stayed when people tried to get his attention to dance with them.

On Saturday night, a nine-second video of Meyer sitting at the bar with his back against the bar in an Ohio State pullover was uploaded to social media. A young woman dancing close to Meyer's lap was also captured.

A short time after Meyer's Monday news conference, a second video was posted to social media. It appeared that Meyer touched a woman's underside while sitting at the bar. The woman was wearing the same clothes as the woman in viral video -- jeans and a white top.

Meyer stated Tuesday that the conversations he had with people within the organization about his actions were "horrible". Meyer also expressed concern about how the incident might affect his ability to lead his team.

Meyer stated, "The fact I was a distraction, it's my responsibility to win their trust from that."

Meyer, who led Florida and Ohio State to three national championships, is now in Meyer's first year with Jaguars. He has chosen "Own it" as his slogan for rebuilding one of the league's worst teams.

The Jaguars are currently 0-4 with a record of 19 consecutive losses, dating back to the win over the Indianapolis Colts in 2020's season opener. On Sunday, the Jaguars will host Tennessee. They have lost seven of their eight previous meetings with the Titans. The Jaguars' loss to Tennessee would make them the second-longest losing streak of any NFL team. Only Tampa Bay (26 consecutive losses) has a longer streak.

This report was contributed by Michael DiRocco, ESPN.