All-Inclusive Resorts Join Marriott Autograph Collection

Marriott plans to increase its all-inclusive property portfolio in 2019. This initiative will see the construction of new properties and the conversion of existing properties into Marriotts. Many Marriott brands will be represented in all-inclusive properties, including Ritz Carlton, Luxury Collection and Marriott, Westin W, Autograph Collection and Delta by Marriott.
Marriott announced in early 2021 its largest all-inclusive expansion. These resorts are now members of Marriott Bonvoy and can earn and redeem points.

Franchise agreements for Marriotts Blue Diamond Resorts

The Marriott all-inclusive resorts have more than doubled since a new franchise agreement saw 20 properties added to the collection.

This is possible thanks to a new agreement between Sunwing Travel Groups hotel division Blue Diamond Resorts. Yes, that's the same Sunwing that operates the Canadian ultra-low cost carrier.

This resulted in 20 all-inclusive properties that totaled over 7,000 rooms in seven locations.

Marriott now ranks as one of the top 10 all-inclusive companies in the world thanks to this agreement

The Planet Hollywood Costa Rica joined Marriott Bonvoy

These are the 20 resorts that have signed up for Marriott Autograph Collection

This agreement has seen 20 all-inclusive resorts become part of Marriotts Autograph Collection. Bonvoy members can now earn and redeem points for stays at these properties. Let's start with the hotels and their Marriott Bonvoy redemption categories.

These five Mexican resorts have joined Marriotts Autograph Collection.

These five Dominican Republic resorts have joined Marriotts Autograph Collection.

These five Jamaican resorts have joined Marriotts Autograph Collection.

These two resorts have joined Marriotts Autograph Collection.

The following resort has joined Marriotts Autograph Collection in Antigua:

Royalton Antigua is an All-Inclusive Resort and Casino from the Autograph Collection; Category 8 Marriott Bonvoy property

The following Costa Rica resort has joined Marriotts Autograph Collection

Planet Hollywood Costa Rica: An Autograph Collection All Inclusive Resort; Category7 Marriott Bonvoy property

The following Grenada resort has joined Marriotts Autograph Collection

Royalton Grenada is an All-Inclusive Resort, Part of the Autograph Collection; Category 8 Marriott Bonvoy property

Marriott Bonvoy has been joined by the Royalton Bavaro Dominican Republic

All-inclusives: Earn and redeem Marriott Bonvoy Points

These all-inclusive properties will fully participate in the Marriott Bonvoy Program.

Bonvoy points can be earned and redeemed for stays at these resorts

Marriott Bonvoy members can enjoy elite perks. These include resort discounts, room upgrade based on availability, member rates and complimentary massages. Access to exclusive areas of property is also available depending on the property and the member's elite status.

Bonvoy members receive 10x points for every dollar spent at all inclusives. This does not include elite bonuses or credit card spending bonus.

Bonvoy members are eligible to redeem points for all-inclusives according to the published award chart. The points requirements are based upon double occupancy (which differs from paid rates where the cost varies depending on whether there is one or two guests).

You can see that all these properties are in Marriott Bonvoys Category 7, 8 and 9, which are the highest categories. Here's a chart of the Marriott Bonvoy awards:

This is what we have come up with:

To give you an idea of the value of award stays here, I value Bonvoy Points at 0.7c each.

Stays in Category 7 Bonvoy cost between 50,000 and 70,000 points per night depending on whether it is off-peak or standard. (The equivalent to paying $350-490).

Stays in Category 8 Bonvoy cost between 70,000 and 100,000 points per night depending on whether it is off-peak or standard. This is equivalent to paying $490-700

Bonvoy members receive a fifth night for free when they redeem their award points

Comparing cash rates to points rates (based upon double occupancy), I cannot say that the points value looks particularly attractive. Perhaps the math is more favorable for stays during high-demand periods.

Marriott now offers a nudist resort

The most important development is Grand Lido Negril, a Jamaican au-naturel resort that offers a more relaxed experience. Bonvoy members, are you ready? You can do it!

Marriott Bonvoy has added the Grand Lido Negril Jamaica to its family

I don't like Marriotts branding choices

More hotel options is generally a positive thing. Many people love all-inclusives. It's nice to be able to redeem Bonvoy points and enjoy elite benefits for stays at these properties.

But, Marriott's choice of branding here reinforces to my mind that the brand is more focused on growth than quality. Is it possible to explain why these properties have joined Autograph Collection? This is allegedly Marriott's luxury brand of luxury independent hotels.

Here are some of the ways Marriott describes Autograph Collection online:

Our boutique hotels are selected from all over the globe that share a passion to be original and a dedication to attention to detail. These visions are so powerful that you can feel the love in every part of the experience. Our hotels are designed with purpose and thought. These elements are woven together in each hotel space to tell the story of the hotel. This gives you a sense that time and place is not far away. We select hotels that are connected to the surrounding environment and become part of its fabric.

I have some questions

Are all-inclusive Planet Hollywood resorts considered luxury and upscale?

Can a Cancun all-inclusive resort with 840 rooms be considered boutique?

Please tell me more about Planet Hollywood's story and soul, and about the elements so powerful that you can feel the love in every pore of the experience

Let me know more about why you don't have to leave your hotel in order to feel connected to the surroundings.

What do the owners of Autograph Collection properties, which are boutique, independent and high-end, think about being included in this collection with these all-inclusive properties.

Is there a sense that Planet Hollywood Cancun is a place?

Let me reiterate that I support Marriott expanding into the all-inclusive market. This will appeal to many and offer a great opportunity to redeem and earn points. It is difficult to understand why this cannot be done with better branding.

Bottom line

A new franchise agreement between Sunwing Resorts and Blue Diamond Resorts has allowed Marriott to add 20 all-inclusive properties. These mega-resorts are sure to appeal to many. I consider it a net-positive, that Marriott Bonvoy members now have the ability to earn and redeem points, as well as enjoy elite benefits.

The biggest problem I have with Marriott's branding of these properties as Autograph Collection properties is the way they do it. Marriott already has more than 30 brands, but it can't brand new properties in a way that accurately reflects the offerings.

What do you think of Marriott's expansion into all-inclusive?