Twitch source code and creator payouts part of massive leak

Twitch seems to have been hacked. The leaks include source code for their streaming service, details about creator payouts, and a Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios. A 125GB torrent has been released by an anonymous user on the 4chan messaging forum. It claims to contain Twitch and its commit history.
The poster claims that the leak is intended to encourage more competition and disruption in online video streaming. Video Games Chronicle reported the leak earlier today.

This leak contains the following:

Three years of information about Twitch's creator payouts

The entire of with commit history dating back to its early days.

Source code for Twitch mobile, desktop and video game console clients

Code relating to proprietary SDKs or internal AWS services used in Twitch

Amazon Game Studios has yet to release a Steam competitor.

Data on other Twitch properties such as IGDB or CurseForge.

Twitchs internal security instruments.

This leak is labeled as part one, which suggests that there may be more. Video Games Chronicle reports Twitch has not informed its users about the breach.

Although the leak does not appear to contain password or address information for Twitch users it doesn't mean that this information wasn't available as part of the breach. The leaker appears to have been more concerned with sharing Twitch's company tools and information than any code that could include personal accounts.

We have reached out to Twitch for comment and will update you accordingly. We recommend that you change your Twitch password, and enable two-factor authentication if you haven't already.

Twitch has struggled to contain hateful and harassing behavior recently. Some Twitch streamers protested against the lack of action by taking a day off after weeks of hate raids. Twitch responded to the #DoBetterTwitch protest. An anonymous hacker used this hashtag today to promote the leak.

Update at 7:35 AM ET: The Verge has confirmed that the leak is genuine and has added more information to the leak.