Microsoft is giving away free Windows 11 ice cream in NYC today

Microsoft and Mikey Likes It Ice cream in New York City have teamed up to offer free frozen desserts today. This collaboration marks Windows 11's release and is part of what would normally include a Windows launch party at New York City before the pandemic. The Bloomberry (not to confuse with Bloomberg) ice-cream looks like a frozen mixture of the default Bloom Windows 11 wallpaper.
Mikey Likes it locations in Harlem and East Village will give away blueberry-flavored ice cream until stock runs out. We are not certain if there is any entry requirements for this Windows 11 icecream. For example, you will need to enable TPM 2.0 at your door. If you need to turn Secure Boot on, please contact us. If you have a Blue Screen of Death (brain freeze), please get in touch.

Microsoft celebrates Windows 11's release in New York City with free ice cream. Today's Windows 11 launch was marked by the Bloom wallpaper graced Times Square. Microsoft loves launching new products in New York City. The company chose the city to launch its Windows 7 and Windows 8 releases, as well as the Windows 10 devices.

Windows 11 is now available for new devices and eligible hardware. Microsoft will gradually roll out the new operating system. However, it is available as an upgrade to eligible Windows 10 devices. There is an option to skip the wait if you don't see the Windows 11 upgrade.