Westin Leipzig Accused Of Shocking Anti-Semitism

It is almost hard for me to believe this story.
Westin Leipzig encourages guests to cover Star of David

German singer Gil Ofarim shared his experience at Westin Leipzig where the front desk associates were openly antisemitic towards him on social media. To give context, Ofarim is Jewish and has a Star of David around the neck. He claims that he has been doing this for many years.

Ofarim uploaded a two-minute emotional video to Instagram, where he clearly appears in shock and disbelief. Here's a summary:

Ofarim was checking in at the Westin Leipzig. There was a long wait because the computers were down. He was understanding that this happens since it is common for things like that.

He noticed that other people were being helped out of order when he was finally able to help them.

After 15 minutes, he demanded why no one else was helping him. At that point, he heard someone shouting from the side pack your star

The manager at the front desk said that he should also pack his star. He was then told that he would be able check-in if he did.

You can view the Ofarims video below.

This is clearly a major backlash against Marriott and the hotel. Marriott claims it is shocked by the claim and is investigating.

Are people truly this horrible?

It's not surprising that there are many bad people out there. It is truly shocking to learn that a Marriott-family front desk agent refused to let someone in unless they had removed their Star of David.

It's one thing for a hateful person to shout that from a hotel room, but it's quite another to have that reinforced and supported by staff members of the hotel. I am simply speechless.

Ofarim makes believable claims and seems sincere. It is so horrible that I still want to believe it isn't true. It is so ridiculous, and it is beyond awful. Did front desk agents really want to be fired? Or did they believe he would not say anything?

I hope Marriott will be transparent in this investigation and that we learn what actually happened.

Bottom line

A horrific act of antisemitism is being accused of the Westin, Leipzig, Germany. A German musician claims that the hotel repeatedly skipped him when there was a queue for check-in. The front desk agent demanded that the Star of David be removed from the neck of the musician, which he did. Even more alarming is the fact that the front desk agent made an identical request and said that he could be checked in as soon as he removed it.

It is my hope that Marriott will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation because these claims are so outrageous.

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