Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan -- Urban Meyer 'must regain our trust and respect' after 'inexcusable' conduct

Stephen A. Smith believes Urban Meyer shouldn't be fired due to the viral video last week. (1:52).
JACKSONVILLE (Fla.) -- Shad Khan, Jaguars owner, issued a public reprimand to coach Urban Meyer over Meyer's behaviour during the weekend.

"I have discussed this matter with Urban. Khan released a statement confirming that details of the conversation would be kept confidential. "His conduct last weekend was unacceptable," Khan said in a statement. Urban's sincere remorse is something I admire. Urban must now regain our trust, respect and admiration. Urban must make a personal commitment to all who support, represent or play for our team. He will deliver, I'm confident."

Meyer, 57 years old, offered his apology in Monday's team meeting for his actions on Friday, the day following Cincinnati's 24-21 defeat.

Meyer didn't fly back to Jacksonville after the game, but instead visited Columbus with his grandchildren. Meyer claimed that Meyer and his family went to Urban Meyer's Pint House on Friday night. People at the nearby event wanted to take photos of Meyer. Meyer claimed he should have stayed when people tried to get his attention to dance with them.

On Saturday night, a nine-second video of Meyer standing with his back against the bar in an Ohio State pullover was uploaded to social media. A young woman danced near Meyer's lap.

Meyer stated Monday that he had just apologized to Meyer and the staff for being a distraction. "It was stupid. I explained all that happened and took responsibility. It was stupid. I would not put myself in such a position.

A social media video that showed Meyer touching a woman's bottom as he sat at the bar, just an hour after Meyer's Monday press conference, emerged. The woman was wearing the same clothing -- jeans and a white top -- that Meyer was wearing in the viral video.

Meyer, who led Florida and Ohio State to three consecutive national championships, is now in Meyer's first year with Jaguars. Meyer chose "Own It" as his slogan for rebuilding one of the league's worst teams. Monday's admission revealed that Meyer isn't sure how this will affect his leadership of the team.

The Jaguars are currently 0-4 with a record of 19 consecutive losses, dating back to the victory over the Indianapolis Colts in 2020's season opener. On Sunday, the Jaguars will host Tennessee. They have lost seven of their eight previous meetings with the Titans. The Jaguars' loss to Tennessee would make them the second-longest losing streak of any NFL team. Only Tampa Bay (26 consecutive losses) has a longer streak.